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ANSED Diagnostic Solutions Digital Video Scope Kit

View and capture diagnostic images in high definition.

Ansed Digital Video Scopes Offer Full High-Definition Inspections

Flexible video scopes can monitor, capture and inspect hard-to-reach spaces and cavities.

ANSED’s Ultimate Electrical Troubleshooter

The electrical circuit troubleshooting tester features a color-coded screen that gives an easy-to-see status of the circuit.

ansed scope plus circuit tester
ANSED Sensor Simulator Actuates Output Signals

The Sensor Simulator will allow the technician to know if the issue is a faulty sensor or a wiring defect. It is especially useful for wiring tests.

New Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit with 5-Gas Analyzer

Reduce diagnostic time, verify repairs and reduce comebacks.

ANSED Diagnostic Solutions’ Professional Series Long Reach Video Scope

The Long Reach Video Scope features the company’s Hyperion Technology, a 30” long probe with 150° Flex-Head and large 28 mm LED light. This scope allows maximum access and visibility to inspect hard-to-reach areas including undercar, truck or marine applications.