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Polarity Protection from Associated Equipment Smart Charger

An easy-to-read backlit interface guides technicians through a variety of charging parameters for different battery types.

Associated Equipment Introduces High Power Smart Charger

It will deliver the best charging cycle recommended for the maintenance of the most advanced vehicles on the market.

Associated Equipment Charger, Analyzer, Power Supply and More

Designed with multiple features for modern diagnostics.

Associated Equipment Announces Energy Efficient Heavy-Duty AGM Battery Chargers

Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces three new energy efficient heavy-duty AGM battery chargers: 6006AGM, 6009AGM and 6012AGM.

Associated Equipment Announces 2 New Adjustable Intellamatic Smart Chargers

When customers started requesting adjustable smart chargers for a variety of battery types, including enhanced flooded or “start-stop” batteries, each requiring specific charging parameters, Associated Equipment listened and developed the IBC6008 and IBC6008MSK in conjunction with OE vehicle and battery manufacturers.

Associated Equipment Announces New and Improved ‘Best in Class’ Battery Charger Warranty

Associated Equipment Corp. announced the new BEST IN CLASS Warranty program for domestically made wheeled battery chargers.

Associated Equipment Heavy Duty Kwikstart Jump Starter with 7 ft. Cables

The Kwikstart battery jump starter with 7 ft. cables instantly jump starts without another vehicle.

Associated Equipment Releases Graphical Battery, Electrical Systems Tester

The model 12-2415 analyzer performs 12V battery and electrical systems testing including the ripple diode test and earth ground as well as 24V starter and alternator systems.

Associated Equipment Announces Digital Heavy-Duty Carbon Pile Variable Load Tester

This unit quickly and accurately changes operating current with the turn of a knob. A digital voltmeter displays battery voltage and digital amp meter displays amperes drawn from the battery.

Associated Equipment Announces RoHS and CE Compliant Heavy-Duty Carbon Pile Variable Load Tester

The 7136R provides digital readouts for both voltage and amperage of the battery and is capable of testing batteries up to 2,000 cca.

Three New Battery Maintainers/Chargers from Associated Equipment Meet New Energy Standards

All three maintainers feature automatic short circuit protection, reverse battery/overload condition protection and internal overheat protection for all battery types.