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asTech Expands Remote OEM Solutions to Include Tesla

asTech’s diagnostic devices now offer authentic remote OEM scans on Tesla vehicles.

New asTech Tablet for Diagnostics, Calibrations, More  

The All-in-One features OEM vehicle coverage, including the DOIP, CAN-FD and secure gateway protocols.

asTech is Simplifying Auto Repair with Diagnostic Solution

The proprietary rules engine identifies vehicles based on VIN and determines the best scan tool type for the job.

asTech, Driven to Deliver Diagnostics, Calibrations & More

The offerings include remote OEM diagnostic scanning, OEM-compatible local scanning, OEM-sourced calibration insights, programming and more.

asTech Advances Diagnostic Solutions with OEM Scan Report

The customized scan report includes insights such as DTCs, repair recommendations, recall check information and more.

asTech Launches Connect by asTech App

Connect by asTech is a user-friendly update to the app that will help shops better manage their diagnostics workflow.