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Bar’s Leaks Tech Tips for Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Proper cooling system preparation helps prevent customers from getting stranded.

Super-Concentrated Trans Fix Solves Most Transmission Issues

Proven formula by Bar’s Leaks now offered in a smaller bottle.

Bar’s Leaks Tech Tip: Help Your Customers Keep Their Cool

Remind your customers of these three important steps to maximize vehicle cooling performance this summer.

Bar’s Leaks Tech Tip: Bad Head Gasket Causes Overheating

Tech replaced water pump and radiator, and then turned to Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair.

Bar’s Leaks Celebrates 75 Years

Today, the Bar’s Leaks brand encompasses stop leak and repair products for multiple vehicle systems.

Bar’s Leaks Oil Seal Leak Repair

Oil Seal works with all types of motor/engine oil, and can be added when the oil is low or during an oil change.

Bar's Oil Seal Engine Leak Repair
New Bar’s Leaks Gear Repair Helps Customers Gear Up for the Long Haul

New Bar’s Leaks Gear Repair is a new treatment additive that extends gear system life by stopping leaks, reducing noise and improving gear performance in automotive, heavy duty, agricultural, marine and industrial gear oils.

Bar’s Leaks Gear Repair Helps Customers Gear Up for Long Haul

Axle and Differential Gear Repair seals leaks, reduces grinding, whining and clunking.

Bar’s Leaks Dual-Action Formulas Get New Grab-and-Go Packaging

Bar’s Leaks has updated its full line of dual-action repair formulas with new packaging to make it easier for customers to quickly grab what they need and get out the door.

Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid Stops Leaks

Bar’s Leaks introduces Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak, a hydraulic manual clutch fluid formulated with a stop leak additive to seal leaks while improving performance and increasing clutch life.

Bar’s Leaks Super Leak Fix Seals All Leaks

Bar’s Leaks Super Leak Fix, a multi-system formula quickly seals, stops and prevents leaks in all engine, transmission, power steering, hydraulic and gear systems. One bottle, one solution.

Bar’s Leaks Tech Tip: Look and Listen to Spot Power Steering Fluid Leaks

You can save your customers big repair bills and help keep them safer on the road by knowing a few common symptoms of a power steering fluid leak.