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New BendPak Mobi-EVSTM EV & Powertrain Lifting Systems

New and improved models lift more, last longer and are easier to use.

Tire and Wheel Service Equipment

Wheels and tires are changing and so is the equipment we use to service them. See how the latest equipment updates stack up.

BendPak Introduces New Ergochair Creeper/Work Seat

This work seat offers a range of adjustments to make performing awkward tasks in the shop less uncomfortable.

Dannmar Introduces D4-12A Alignment Lift

The lift comes with free-floating, HD turnplates and rear slip plates built right into the runways for maximum convenience.

The new D4-12A alignment lift can be used to perform two- or four-wheel alignments and general service work on cars, SUVs and light trucks weighing up to 12,000 lbs.
Beat the Heat with Cool Boss Air Coolers

These portable evaporative air coolers plug into a 110V outlet and continuously cool the air in a 3,000-sq.-ft. area.

all-new lineup of seven energy-efficient models designed to cost-effectively keep people cool and safe
Autostacker Garage Parking Lift Calculator Helps Double Capacity

The design eliminates the side posts and beams of traditional parking lifts so it fits into a normal parking space.

Autostacker scissor lift parking lift
BendPak Announces Senior Leadership Succession Plan

Jeff Kritzer will be promoted from executive vice president to succeed Don Henthorn as president and CEO.

Lift Most EVs with New QuickJack 6000ELX Portable Car Lift 

The lift’s extra-long frames provide access to a range of lifting points from 47.5-76 in., with a capacity of 6,000 lbs.

BendPak Helps Shops Get Equipped to Service EVs 

Thanks to an innovative design that supports a full line of accessories, it also doubles as a powertrain lift.

5 Reasons Your Shop Needs a Wheel Balancer

This essential tool quickly pays for itself with new business and customer satisfaction.

QuickJack Portable Car Lifts Raise Any Car, SUV Higher

Improved design for home garage, auto repair shop, detailer, mobile service or racetrack.

Jeff Kritzer Named Automotive Lift Institute Chairman

Jeff Kritzer of BendPak elected to a third one-year term.