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Bosch Announces ADS, ADS X Series Software Update

The update allows technicians to sort and search saved reports using filters including year, make, model and other factors.

Bosch Releases ADS 4.7 Software Update

The software update introduces 2021 model-year coverage across many brands for ADS 325, ADS 525X and ADS 625.

Quickly Diagnose, Repair Vehicles with Bosch Scan Tool

This scan tool performs all-systems DTC scans in under 60 seconds on average.

Rapid Digitization Means Different Diagnostics

Will the diagnostic focus of the future be changing?

Bosch to Add New Remote OEM Diagnostics to DVCI Scan Tools

Next year, Bosch DVCI scan tool users will be able to utilize licensed OEM diagnostic software remotely on most brands.

Video: Diagnosing Codes on HD Vehicles

Down time for heavy-duty vehicles can cost thousands of dollars – which is why technicians need the right heavy-duty solution to help them navigate through complex coverage and various systems.

Video: Where There’s Smoke…

Smoke machines have improved over the years and with those improvements come multiple ways technicians can use them to diagnose vehicle issues.

Video: Don’t Clear that Code!

If you just erase the code, pull the car out of the bay and back into the parking lot, you could be looking at a comeback at best. This video is sponsored by Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

Video: Direct Fuel Injection – It’s Not a Mystery!

Find out what to look out for before you replace a fuel pump. This video is sponsored by Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

Bosch Expands Diagnostic Scan Tool Portfolio with New ADS 625X

This scan tool provides technicians advanced vehicle coverage across a broad range of vehicles all the way back to 1976.

Bosch Releases Scan Tool Software Update

The 4.7 software provides thousands of new tests for Kia and Ford models, and more.

All-New Bosch ADS 525X Diagnostic Scan Tool with Extreme Features, Functionality

The ADS 525X offers 100% OE-approved service access, allowing users to fix the most vehicles with OE-level coverage.