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New AmeriBRAKES Part Numbers

The newest AmeriBRAKE line services some Fords, Volkswagens, Audis and Mercedes.

A Different ‘Angle’ On Brake Pulsation

Brake rotor thickness variation is the condition that generates your typical brake pulsation concerns. In this article, contributing writer James Blair examines two atypical causes of thickness variation that can have a “problem vehicle” back at your shop again and again if not addressed.

The Best of The Best: Tales From the 2014 Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo

I try to attend the Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo every year, take some classes, browse the Expo, and meet up with some old friends. Classes range from hybrid service, scope and scanner reading, diesel and gas engine driveability, to shop management. Some of the top ­instructors gather at this convention and put ­together some of the best classes I’ve ever attended.

Net Neutrality Defeated: Are You Ready For The Big Slowdown?

When a shop logs on to the Internet, a lot of things are taken for granted. We assume that we will be able to access whatever website we want, whether it be an OEM service information website, video technician training or a website to order parts. Also, we assume that our websites are being treated the same no matter what network or device we are using to view them. But all that could change.

Performing A Brake Job On A 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra

For 2007, the Toyota Tundra was redesigned. The body changed, and the foundation brake system was also updated with larger front brake calipers and rear disc brakes. The control system and hydraulics changed with a new vehicle stability system that included yaw, steering angle and brake pedal load sensors.

Alignment Service On 2011 Hyundai Elantra

The current platform of the Hyundai Elantra shares a lot in common with the other current Kia and Hyundai models. The simple architecture of a MacPherson strut front suspension and rear twist beam axle is starting to become standard on all small and mid-sized offerings. The Elantra is a “net-build” vehicle with no built-in adjustments, but adjustments can be made with aftermarket parts.

Why Chasing The Cheapest Brake Job Costs Your Shop In The Long Run

Ever since the 1930s, there has been a war on the price of brake jobs. Eighty years ago, shops were advertising low-priced brake relines on sandwich boards for $19.99, but they complained about “gyps” selling brake jobs for $9.99 on the side of the road. We see almost the same situation today. This time the price point is around $150. Instead of gyps, shops are complaining about some guy on Craigslist who will perform a brake job for around $40 if he is provided with the pads.

Returning Brake Rotors To ‘Like New’ Condition

When it comes to returning brake rotors to “like new” condition, it is a two-step process that can be different every time. If the vehicle has a pulsation symptom or complaint, it pays to perform a diagnostic check before machining the rotor in terms of both time and additional parts sales.

Measuring Ball Joint Wear

Detecting and measuring wear in a ball joint is critical to ensuring the safety of a vehicle. When a ball joint fails, the driver loses control of the vehicle. This can result in damage not only to the suspension, but also the axle shafts, brakes and even the body.

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Sell More Loaded Shocks And Struts

Do you only look at the shocks and struts when the driver complains of a noise or when the vehicle can’t be aligned? This might be just one of several reasons you aren’t selling more loaded shocks and struts despite a vehicle’s need for them. Here are 10 tips to help you better identify the need for shocks and struts and for effectively educating your customers to make the sale.

Honda Tech Tip: Brake Pedal Feels Hard In The Mornings Or In Cold Weather

The brake pedal can feel hard during the first couple of brake applications, usually in the morning when the ambient temperature is cold. To correct, replace the brake booster and the master cylinder rod seal, and update the PGM-FI software using the reflash capable scan tool.

Brutal Winter Can Mean Profitable Spring During National Car Care Month

I’m tired of hearing about winter, talking about winter and experiencing winter, and I bet you are, too. However, what has been the worst winter in a generation may in fact be a blessing in disguise for independent repair shops across the country. The harsh elements will leave many vehicles in need of service and National Car Care Month in April is the ideal time to capture your share of these service and repair opportunities. It is also a chance to improve relationships with customers and attract new ones, leading to more long-term business.