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Don’t Judge A Job By Its Cover

It was a picture perfect day at the auto repair shop until two new jobs showed up at the same time. A nice, clean 2007 Ford F-350 4WD diesel with an ABS light on, and a really dilapidated 1997 KIA with charging system problems and no light on. You’ll never guess how these two stories end.

Installing Torque-To-Yield Suspension Components

What do some ball joints, tie rods and suspension components have in common with engines? The answer is Torque-to-Yield (TTY) fasteners. TTY fasteners are mounting fasteners which are torqued beyond the state of elasticity and therefore undergo plastic transformation, causing them to become permanently elongated.

Lessons From A Day Being Out Of My ‘Comfort Zone’

Being under the dash or hood of the modern car is my comfort zone, but it doesn’t hurt to get out of my comfort zone from time to time. You can take those average days in your own little comfort zone for granted and forget there is more to what makes the world go around besides the next car you’re working on. Sometimes, it might take a little nudge from an outside source to get you to ­realize it.

Air Ride Replacement Options For Variety Of Makes And Models

All air ride systems can fail and require service. There are several repair paths you can go down to offer the best option for a customer’s needs and budget. Here is a forecast of current and future air ride vehicles and replacement options. Makes covered include: BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Hummer, Lexus, Toyota and more.

Solving Hard Brake Pedal Complaints On Subaru Vehicles

Some Subaru owners may experience a hard brake pedal (high effort) in extreme cold weather. Braking ability gets better as air temperature rises. The vacuum hose in these vehicles has an in-line check valve. Moisture can accumulate in the valve. In cold weather, the moisture freezes, blocking the vacuum to the booster, which causes the need for greater brake effort.

Honda Tech Tip: Rattle From The Rear Shelf

Honda Accord owners may complain about a rattle that can be heard from the rear shelf area. Do not confuse this with worn upper strut mounts. The probable cause is the dynamic damper does not fit tightly against the rear shelf. To correct this, install washers between the dynamic damper and the rear shelf.

Low Speed Creak/Squeak From Rear Of Chevrolet Malibu

Some Chevrolet Malibu owners may comment on a squeak or creak-type noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. This noise occurs at slow speeds while driving over small bumps and is most apparent when the underbody of the vehicle is wet. This condition may be caused by the parking brake cables rubbing or slip-sticking on the retainer grommet.

How Ride Height Affects Toe Angle

How can a mysterious case of tire wear occur in a perfectly aligned vehicle? It happens and the answers aren’t always simple. To better explain, let’s go back a few decades when I aligned a 1983 Mitsubishi rear-wheel drive (RWD) pickup, only to have it return a month later with a tire scuffing complaint. My conclusion was that many independent front suspensions often require a “custom alignment” to compensate for variations in ride height caused by uneven loading.

Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Making A Comeback On Some Imports

Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are the systems that do not have air pressure sensors inside the tires. Rather, they detect a low tire by comparing relative wheel speeds via the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) wheel speed sensors. New systems are taking advantage of better wheel speed sensors and modules to make indirect systems work. Indirect TPMS began making a comeback in 2011 on all Audi models. The highly popular Honda Accord switched to indirect TPMS for the 2013 model year.

Toyota Tech Tip: Front Brake Rattle Noise

Some Corolla and Matrix owners may experience a front brake rattle type of noise when the car is traveling over bumps. Updated front disc brake cylinder (caliper) mountings and disc brake pad support plates are available to eliminate this condition. Conduct a road test to verify the noise condition. Front brake rattle noise will occur when the front tire runs over a depression in the road.

Six Technician Tips I’d Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

Last month, I found my driver’s license from when I was 20. In 1994, I got my first job working at a dealership as a porter, shuttle van driver and service writer trainee. I began thinking about what I would say if I could go back in time and talk to this 20-year-old kid – to prevent so many mistakes and to avoid the missed opportunities. Here are six things I would tell myself.

Performing An Alignment On Ford F-150 And Lincoln Mark LT Vehicles

The 2004-’08 Ford F-150 and 2005-’08 Lincoln Mark LT are not difficult vehicles to align, but they are difficult vehicles to properly inspect and adjust to the optimal specifications. The main difference with the 11th generation is in the front control arms. The lower control arm is forged aluminum. Upper ball joints have a reputation for failing sooner than lower ball joints.