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Measure Rotor Thickness, Runout: Stop Pulsation Comebacks Before They Start

Let’s say a vehicle had .003″ of lateral runout when measured at the outside face of the rotor. If this vehicle is riding on 205/55R16 tires, in one mile, the high-spot with .003″ of runout goes past the caliper approximately 836 times. Over 6,000 miles, that spot on the rotor will go past the pads more than 5 million times. Every time this spot passes the pads, a little bit of the rotor’s material is removed. Over the course of those 5 million revolutions, enough material is removed to create a thickness variation that can be felt by the driver. This is why it is critical to measure thickness and runout in a brake rotor and wheel flange even if new rotors are going to be installed.

Aluminum Suspension Component Serviceability

For every 10 percent reduction in vehicle weight, there is a 5 to 7 percent fuel savings. Since 1990, there has been a steady increase in the weight of vehicles due to airbags, structural components and convenience features like heated seats. This fattening in some areas forced suspension components to go on a diet.

Dodge Caliber Alignment Service

The Dodge Caliber was the replacement for the Neon. The Caliber shares the same architecture with the Nitro and Sebring models from the same timeframe. Needless to say, this is a “net build” vehicle with only toe adjustments built into the front and rear suspensions.

New Environmental Regulations To Change The Parts You Sell, Install

New legislation is changing what parts can be installed on your customers’ vehicles. The goal of these mandates is to reduce emissions and prevent harmful chemicals from reaching waterways. The spirit of the new regulations is to preserve public assets like parks and streams that improve the quality of life for the citizens of the state.

The Year In Ride Control TSBs: Tried And True Fixes Can Expedite The Diagnostic Process

2013 was a good year for ride control TSBs. Some TSBs were intended for very few vehicles on the road, but the solutions can be used to resolve the same problems on a wide variety of vehicles. Several of the TSBs over the next two pages can help to solve chronic problems that have plagued some

Infiniti Tech Tip: Groan Noise Heard From Front Brakes Of QX56

If you confirm a “groan” or “growl” noise coming from the front brakes, replace the front brake pads with the new ones noted in this bulletin. This noise may occur after the vehicle has been stopped several times using moderate-to-hard braking effort. The noise might then be heard during the last few feet of braking when coming to a stop.

Wheel Hub Bearing Q&A

What is a wheel hub bearing and why is it so important? Though you may never even see it, a wheel hub bearing unit is an important part of a car’s wheel assembly, enabling wheels to turn freely and playing a crucial role in the safety and handling characteristics of a vehicle. Comprised of precision-manufactured bearings, seals and sensors in one pre-assembled unit, a wheel hub bearing unit is critical to performance, from the smoothness of the ride, to fuel efficiency, to the integrity of anti-lock breaking systems (ABS).

Automatic Transmission Erratic Shifts After Filter Replacement

Changing the automatic transmission filter and fluid is a great preventive maintenance practice, ensuring a clean and proper working transmission assembly. The most important factors are installing the correct filter for the vehicle application and the correct installation procedures of the filter. An incorrect filter installation or the wrong filter will ultimately cause erratic shifts and possibly cause damage to the transmission assembly.

ASE Undercar X1 Specialist Certification: Not What You Would Expect

Are you one of the 7,570 technicians who are ASE-Certified Undercar Specialists? If not, you should be. I recently took the X1 Exhaust Test to qualify as an Undercar Specialist. To gain this certification you must be concurrently certified for Suspension & Steering (A4) and Brakes (A5) from the Automobile & Light Truck Test Series, and Exhaust Systems (X1) from the Specialty Test Series.

Gonzo’s Toolbox: Real Or Reality TV? Our Profession Is Greatly Underestimated By The ‘Big Screen’

Have you noticed how many automotive reality programs there are on TV these days? I take the time to sit down and take in a few of them here and there. But from my side of the wrench, I have a completely different perspective when watching them.

Tech Tip: Cadillac TSB Warns Of Front Brake Hose Fitting Corrosion

General Motors has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in certain 2003-2007 model year Cadillac CTS vehicles originally sold or currently registered in states that use road salt or deicers.

Tech Tip: Toyota RAV4 Recall And Inspection Tags

If you get a 2005-2011 Toyota RAV4 in your shop for an alignment of a complaint of either rear tire wear or a knocking noise, you need to be aware of a recall and inspection campaign Toyota is performing. Toyota Safety Recall C0J involved inspecting the right and left Rear Suspension Lower Arm No. 1 for looseness. Based upon this inspection, it may have been necessary to replace the arm(s).