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Cal-Van Tools Offers XL Clip Lifter Set

Each tool has a unique offset and uses one of two different spreads, making sure you have the tool that works best.

XL clip lifter tools
Cal-Van Amp Meter for Fused Circuits

The meter is convenient to attach the adapter to the fuse and the tone lets users know when the fuse is being touched, making it easier to work under the dash in a fuse box.

Cal-Van Introduces Versatile Adjustable Puller

The puller’s jaws stay put before tension is applied for ease of use. It features a low-profile design to reach into tight places.

43-Piece Socket Set from KT PRO

The tool includes the innovative “Gripstrip,” a patented chemical-resistant, rubber strip that enhances griping capability when oils and chemicals are present.

Quickly Sand Rust Off Hubs with Cal-Van Resurfacing Kit

The kit comes with a holder and five sanding discs, and can be used on most domestic and import vehicles with either front or rear disc brakes.

Mini Pry Bar Set Now Available from Cal-Van Tools

The set provides tools for working on smaller, more delicate jobs such as dash trim, gaskets and O-rings.

Easily Take Amperage Readings with Cal-Van Tools Amp Meter for Fused Circuits

A tone lets you know when you’re touching a fuse, making working in under-the-dash fuse boxes much simpler.