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CanDo Battery Tester & Reset Tool for Testing 12V, 24V Batteries and Electrical System

The Batt R/T makes quick and easy work of battery resets.

CanDo Diagnostic’s Batt R/T Battery Tester & Reset Tool
CanDo International Introduces Passenger Car and Light Truck Scan Tool with Remote Diagnostics

The CanDo International C-Pro is a fully loaded, full-functionality scan tool complete with bi-directional controls, special test functions and a full suite of activations and service resets.

CanDo Diagnostics Battery Tester, Reset Tool: A Solution to Electrical Systems

New to the Batt R/T, it now adds battery matching and reset capabilities along with OBDII read and clear codes.

4-in-1 Battery Tool from CanDo Diagnostics

Test all 12V and 24V batteries and vehicle electrical systems (alternator/starter/ground), perform new battery replacement relearns, and read and clear OBD II emission-related trouble codes.

4-in-1 battery tool