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CEMB Debuts 2-Hit Balancer at SEMA 2022

CEMB said its 2-hit balancer no longer uses an automatic gauge, which eliminates the need for periodic maintenance.

New CEMB RFV Wheel Balancer

A guided Radial Force Vectoring process significantly reduces floor-floor cycle time and uses OEM “best practices.”

CEMB USA Offers New Video Series

The videos show up-close the features of the company’s wheel balancers, tire changers and wheel alignment machines.

CEMB Wheel Alignment System

CEMB introduced a new wheel alignment system designed to maximize labor profits when repairing and calibrating advanced driver-assistance systems.

CEMB-USA Adds McCourt Marketing Group to Roster of Independent Representatives

CEMB-USA announced the addition of the McCourt Marketing Group to its growing roster of outstanding independent representatives.

CEMB makes Balancing Faster with Single Tape-On Weight

AutoAdaptive Dynamic OPB is a time saving feature that combines a new operator display and 3D scanner/laser pointer which simplifies weight placement at TDC and reduces balancing time by over 35 percent on over 70 percent of today’s tire/wheel assemblies.

CEMB HubMatch Wheel Balancer Simplifies Balancing Process

The new CEMB ER75TD HubMatch RFV Wheel Balancer offers leading state-of-the art balancing features and then uniquely combines an on-the-car mounting finish balancing process that guarantees superior ride quality compared to off-car wheel balancing alone.

CEMB Gives Recommendations on How to Sell Wheel Alignment Service

CEMB gives proven recommendations on how successful alignment shops increase alignment sales and provide the best possible service to their customers to maximize profitability.

technician undercar with customer
CEMB’s New 3-D Imaging Wheel Alignment System Features Touchless, 5 Second Measurements

Machine vision scanners use 3D imaging on all four wheels to measure alignment angles without clamps, targets or electronics at the wheels.

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