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Rislone Hy-per Cool Cleans and Protects Entire Cooling System

Remove deposits, neutralize acids and promote longer cooling system life.

Enhanced Snap-on Cooling System Pressure Tester Makes Classic Even Better

The new knurled shank makes it easier to get a good grip and the updated gauge face provides a clearer view of the pressure reading.

Tooling For Cooling

Successful diagnosis and repair of any vehicle system always requires a combination of experience, knowledge and the proper tools. Vehicle cooling systems are no exception and equipping yourself with the right tools will result in quick and accurate diagnosis, efficient repair and the bottom line — profit.

OTC Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit

The tester features four adapters with Schrader valves to prevent coolant spray when disconnecting, while the hand pump includes an easy-to-read integrated pressure gauge and padded base to prevent vehicle surface scratches.

Video Tutorial: MEYLE Cooling System Flush Tool

MEYLE introduced a new video, which explains the individual steps for flushing the cooling system.

PortaCool Releases Maintenance Free Cooling Unit

The unit is energy-efficient and comes with variable speeds for maximum comfort.

Cool-Space High Efficiency Fans Keep Shops Cool

Cool-Space’s Variable Speed Glacier fan is ideal for keeping over 1,200 feet cool.

Maintaining The Cooling System On The 6.0L/7.3L Powerstroke Engine

One of the most overlooked preventive maintenance items in a diesel engine is the coolant system. Maintaining the coolant system is just as important as an oil change – in fact, the coolant condition in a diesel engine may even be more important than in a gasoline engine.

ASE G1 Test Prep: Understand Engine Cooling Systems

Passing the ASE Auto Maintenance and Light Repair (G1) Test requires in-depth knowledge of an engine’s cooling system and how each component affects the overall performance of an engine over time. The emphasis is on inspection. Here is a refresher.

Why Oil Balancing Is Critical When Replacing A Compressor

The purpose of oil balancing is to make sure the amount of oil in the A/C system remains at the correct level. The first thing to consider when performing the process is the amount of oil contained in the replacement compressor. This can vary from a full charge of oil (8 oz./236 mL), to a half charge of oil or no oil at all. If oil is contained in the replacement compressor, it will have to be removed and reinstalled in the correct amount to properly balance the system.

CRP Automotive Expands Pentofrost Antifreeze Coverage For Asian Vehicles

CRP Automotive has expanded its line of specially formulated Pentofrost Antifreeze for Asian vehicles with three new formulations: A2 (Green), A3 (Blue) and A4 (Pink). These new fluids join with Pentofrost A1 (Red) Antifreeze, which CRP has supplied to the market for several years. With the new additions, CRP has expanded its application coverage to 94 percent of the Asian vehicle market.

MAHLE Clevite Expands North American Product Offering

MAHLE Clevite has expanded its North American product offering to include Behr thermostats and other components for temperature regulation, as a result of the progressing acquisition by MAHLE of Behr. This extensive range of thermostats, switches and sensors for the automotive aftermarket was introduced under both the MAHLE Original and Behr brands at this year’s AAPEX Show, held earlier this month in Las Vegas.