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Cornwell Tools Premium TRMS Automotive DMM with Rapid Auto Range

The new Rapid Auto Range function allows for an ultra-fast screen refresh rate. In addition, CBPDM300 features True RMS accuracy for advanced troubleshooting on AC volts and amps.

Cornwell Bolsters Platinum Series Toolbox Line

Several new paint and trim color combinations have been added to the Cornwell Quality Tools Platinum Series line of toolboxes. Introduced in early 2019, the Platinum Series tool boxes have been consistently rolling off trucks as Cornwell mobile tool dealers and their customers seek to find larger, dependable, high-end tool storage solutions that offer a broader and unique mix of color combinations.

Cornwell Quality Tools Platinum 84 in. Triple Bank Cabinet

Cornwell Quality Tools’ Platinum 84 in. Triple Bank Cabinet features a cage frame construction and six 6 in. x 2 in. spring-loaded heavy-duty casters.

Cornwell Tools Automotive DMM with Rapid Auto Range

This DMM features True RMS accuracy and is designed for advanced automotive troubleshooting.

Cornwell: Platinum Series Tool Box Line

Cornwell Quality Tools has introduced a new line of high-end tool boxes, called the Platinum series. Currently rolling out and available now is an 84 in. double bank cabinet.

Cornwell Quality Tools Begins Centennial Celebration

Cornwell Quality Tools is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year and revisited the story of how the company began back in 1919. 

Tool Truck Drivers: Owning a Tool Franchise

Professional Tools. Professional Facts. You Ask The Questions, We Get The Answers.

Complete Starting and Charging System Analysis from Cornwell Quality Tools

The Battery Condition test covers 6- and 12-volt batteries, while the Starting/Charging test covers 12- and 24-volt systems.