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Coxreels Exceeds Industry Recommended Salt Spray Testing Hours

The lab test results indicated that Coxreels’ products ranked in the top tier of the grading system for both UV and corrosion resistance.

Coxreels Extreme Duty Reels Series Introduced

High temperature, steel core arbors transfer the extra-powerful heavy-duty spring motor torque to the multiple supported axle, ensuring reliable rewind in odd positions or dirty situations.

Coxreels Offers Upgraded Swivel Options for 1125 Series Reels

The high pressure swivel is machined from high-strength steel and nickel plated for corrosion resistance.

Coxreels Offers Roller Bracket for Challenger Reels

The function of the roller bracket is to assist in guiding the hose during extension and retraction.

Continental Partners with CoxReels for Hose Management Solution

Collaborating with Continental, CoxReels developed a custom-built hose reel assembly, called the CoxReels P Series, specifically for Continental’s premium rubber and hybrid air and water hose.

Coxreels Exhaust Spring-Driven Reels Provide Necessary Ventilation for Safe Workplace Air Quality

Coxreels exhaust reels conveniently store lengths of large diameter exhaust hose and mount to any wall, overhead or floor position.

Coxreels Offers New 60-Page Catalog

With the help of a user-friendly index system and easy-to-navigate layout, this new catalog makes it easy to find the right reel for your application and discover the many accessories and add-ons for each series.