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CPS R-134a Valve Core Remover and Installer

The TLVC134 is excellent for replacing valve cores without discharging the system and for speedy recovery and recharging.

CPS Automotive Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale Facilitates Precision Measurements

The CC220EW is a battery operated, precision scale for weighing, charging and recovering refrigerants used in HVAC/R systems.

Vacutec Offers New Flexible, Inflatable Bladder for Diagnostic Smoke Leak Testing on Gas, Diesel Engines

The patent-pending bladder is made of a pliable, fuel- and chemical-resistant substrate that can bend up to 90°.

MotorVac Cool Smoke HP Tests for and Finds Critical Leaks Fast

Featuring a bright, 3.5” full-color digital LCD display, it precisely measures pressure decay, leak size and flow rate.