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CTA Mfg. Offers Torque Limiting Ratchet Wrench

The internal torque limiting device prevents over-tightening of caps when re-installing housing caps.

Oil Funnel/Adapter Kit from CTA for Fast Filling without Waste

The special angled extensions with a locking design allow access in hard-to-reach applications.

Brake Bleeder Tank & Adapter Set from CTA Tools

When paired with the #7015 Pressure Bleeder Tank, this set will service most makes and models.

CTA releases Line of Piston Ring Compressors

CTA Tools introduced new models of 3, 4 and 6-in. piston ring compressors.

CTA Offers Piston Ring Compressors

These piston ring compressors feature an enlarged crimped edge to prevent the compressor from entering the cylinder.

CTA Offers Master Filler Adapter Set

These adapters are used for re-filling ATF during service. A wide range of adapters are included.

CTA Offers Cam Phaser Holding Set

With these tools, technicians can service newer Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep models with Pentastar VVL 3.6L engines.

CTA Offers Oil Filter Wrench Kit with Stand

The stand features a magnetic bottom for secure placement on metal surfaces anywhere around the shop.

New Fluid Extractor Tank from CTA Moves 15L Quickly

The unit has a vacuum release button for quick and easy release.

CTA Injector Puller Kit Removes Injectors Without Removing Electrical Components

The CTA Injector Puller Kit removes frozen or stuck on injectors without removing the electrical components.

CTA: Easily Remove Glow Plugs

The Glow Plug Puller Kit is especially useful in narrow engine bays, with glow plugs nearest the fire-wall. Remove broken glow plugs from the top of the cylinder head without damage.

CTA Injector Seat and Chamber Cleaning Set

The CTA Injector Seat and Chamber Cleaning Set (7810) cleans injector seats and holes prior to installation of new injector.