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Dent Fix Introduces RIVMAX All-in-One Riveting Solution

The system provides a solution that removes self-piercing rivets (SPR) and also installs SPR, flow and blind rivets.

Dent Fix Introduces New Body Buggy Rack-Saver

The new Body Buggy makes the difficult task of moving a disabled vehicle simple and safe.

Dent Fix Spot Annihilator for Easy Spot Weld Removal

The DF-15DX Spot Weld Drill employs a fast and clean process to remove spot welds without damaging the underlying panel.

Dent Fix Introduces DF-DPR70 10-Ton Self-Piercing Riveter

The 10-ton pressure and included punching die allow for punching through boron steel in order to install flow-form rivets.

The automatic air-powered riveter is designed to perform common riveting tasks in modern body shops including self-piercing rivets and standard flow form rivets.
Dent Fix Aluminum Repair Station

The DF-900B Mini Aluspot Repair System from Dent Fix Equipment is designed to operate as the main welding unit or as satellite unit for repairing minor to moderately damaged aluminum panels.

Dent Fix Video: Blind Rivet Adapter

Dent Fix introduced a video to show the Blind Rivet Adapter in use.

Dent Fix Equipment StaticZap Eliminates Static to Keep Surfaces Clean

It’s essential to eliminate static from the environment—at every stage of painting—in order to avoid costly reworking.

Dent Fix Blind Rivet Adapter Hits Hard-to-Reach Places

The adapter allows the setting of blind rivets with diameters from 4.0 to 7.8 mm for aluminum and 4.0 to 6.4 mm for steel.

Dent Fix to Feature New Welding Tool at SEMA

The AluArc’s gun is equipped with a linear motor that provides two independently adjustable grounds and control of the welding cycle.

Dent Fix Releases New Parking Sensor, Lens Hole Maker

The DF-EZ10 system is designed to punch a hole in the bumper or fender without damaging the paint.