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Drew Technologies & Autologic Diagnostics to Become Opus IVS

Opus IVS offers a unique combination of licensed OEM software and aftermarket diagnostic solutions with expert guidance from OEM-trained master technicians to help shops get the job done. Opus IVS companies have worked together to deliver several innovative solutions.

Drew Technologies’ DriveCRASH Accepted by Honda’s ProFirst Certified Network

DriveCRASH utilizes Honda’s Diagnostic Software (HDS/i-HDS) in conjunction with DrewTech’s CarDAQ-Plus3 J2534 vehicle communication hardware interface to accurately provide vehicle data through remote scanning services.

CarDAQ-M-MC Offers an Expandable J2534 Solution

The CarDAQ-M-MC is a flexible J2534 device from Drew Technologies designed to grow as OEMs release new application features.

Mitchell Announces Partnership with Drew Technologies to Deliver OEM Scanning and Remote Diagnostic Support

Mitchell announced it has partnered with Drew Technologies, an Opus IVS Company, under which Drew Technologies’ scanning and diagnostic technology and services will be available via the Mitchell Diagnostics system.

Drew Technologies’ DriveCRASH Driven by Service

Drew Technologies’ DriveCRASH leverages OEM diagnostic tools and an infrastructure of more than 100 expert technicians to support collision shops focused on repairing intelligent vehicles.

Drew Technologies Introduces Faster CarDAQ-Plus 3

CarDAQ-Plus 3 provides even more advanced support with CAN FD and four CAN channels while continuing to support v04.04/v05.00 API and DoIP.

Drew Technologies MongoosePro Maximizes Right to Repair

With MongoosePro you can complete vehicle repairs, emission-related module calibration updates, body control module calibration updates and OEM diagnostics.

Complete SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2 Capabilities from Drew Technologies

Each J2534 product from Drew Technologies uses your laptop and an OEM subscription to allow vehicle reprogramming and diagnostics.

Cardaq-M Complete SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2 Capabilities
Drew Technologies’ Remote Assist Program – How Does It Work? 3 Simple Steps

J2534 programming may be a difficult task, but this easy-to-use approach will finish the job correctly, increase shop profits and improve customer satisfaction.

J2534 Device from Drew Technologies Saves Technicians and Shop Owners Time & Money

The CarDAQ-Plus2 J2534-1 and J2534-2 device with advanced support for J2534 v05.00 and DoIP also features high-speed USB and support for global vehicles.

flash reprogrammer
Drew Technologies Announces Models Added to Remote Assisted Programming Service

RAP is designed to assist automotive repair and collision technicians with J2534 programming.

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