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Net Neutrality Defeated: Are You Ready For The Big Slowdown?

When a shop logs on to the Internet, a lot of things are taken for granted. We assume that we will be able to access whatever website we want, whether it be an OEM service information website, video technician training or a website to order parts. Also, we assume that our websites are being treated the same no matter what network or device we are using to view them. But all that could change.

Six Technician Tips I’d Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

Last month, I found my driver’s license from when I was 20. In 1994, I got my first job working at a dealership as a porter, shuttle van driver and service writer trainee. I began thinking about what I would say if I could go back in time and talk to this 20-year-old kid – to prevent so many mistakes and to avoid the missed opportunities. Here are six things I would tell myself.

Relax – R1234yf Is Not The End Of The World

I attended the Mobile Air Conditioning Society’s 2014 Training Event and Trade Show in New Orleans last month. The main topic of discussion was R1234yf, or “twelve-thirty-four” in A/C lingo. There has been a lot of hype about the changeover to this refrigerant. Don’t panic. The reality is that it is not the “air conditioning apocalypse” some are predicting.

2014 TechShop – Equipment, Tools & Supplies Directory and Buyer’s Guide Hits the Streets – and the Web

TechShop’s annual tool and equipment resource can be found online and in our January issue.

ASE Undercar X1 Specialist Certification: Not What You Would Expect

Are you one of the 7,570 technicians who are ASE-Certified Undercar Specialists? If not, you should be. I recently took the X1 Exhaust Test to qualify as an Undercar Specialist. To gain this certification you must be concurrently certified for Suspension & Steering (A4) and Brakes (A5) from the Automobile & Light Truck Test Series, and Exhaust Systems (X1) from the Specialty Test Series.

Editor’s Notebook: Time On Your Side, Averting Typical ‘Time Stealers’

Time could be your biggest ally at the onset of the new year as you think about ways to increase your shop’s profitability and productivity. But how many times have you said, “If I only had more time?” While you have good intentions of making the best use of your time during the course of your busy day, there are inevitable distractions that prevent you from doing just that.

VIEWPOINT:Monday Morning MIL Light Quarterback

Monday mornings are typically not very productive for me. I typically will hide in my office with the light off to avoid people asking about their latest weekend-induced car problems.

Editor’s Notebook: Marketing To Women Should Be One Of Your Top Priorities

In case you haven’t noticed, female buying power is on the rise. Women account for about 85% of all automotive sales in U.S. households, and 50-65% of customers at automotive service centers are women. And you know what that spells? Opportunity.

TechShop Is Getting ‘Switched On’ and Launches Tool Connect New Equipment & Tools E-Newsletter

Motivational speaker Chip Eichelberger’s enthusiastic presentation had the whole company motivated to look at the direction our lives are going, and figure out how to make ourselves more valuable — to our families, our careers, our customers and ourselves.

Plastic Engine Covers That Were Once Just For Looks Are Now Functional

Plastic engine covers are becoming a plague for technicians and it is only getting worse. Every year they get bigger and more difficult to remove. Once, they only cleaned up the engine bay, hiding unsightly wire harnesses, piping and intake manifolds. Now they have become barriers to technicians like the tamper-resistant screws on an iPhone.

VIEWPOINT: Going For The Gravy Can you sell diagnostic time?

The gravy in the future will be diagnostic time and procedures performed with scan tools. You can see it with steering angle sensors, TPMS and re-calibration of sensors. In the future, it is only going to get better.

Editor’s Notebook: New VIO Dynamics Offer Expanding Service And Repair Opportunities

As a service provider to this evolving vehicle fleet, a better understanding of market conditions will help you identify growth opportunities and target business plans for the future.