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Electronic Specialties Low Current Clamp Meter

This high accuracy meter is specifically designed for diagnosing parasitic battery drain.

Electronic Specialties Super Relay Buddy

Quickly and accurately test relays with this professional tool.

Diagnose Electrical Problems with the LOADpro Kit

The LOADpro test leads allow you to instantly load the circuit to see if current can flow.

Scan Codes with Electronic Specialties’ Code Buddy PRO+

The Code Buddy PRO+ can display the full live data stream, giving valuable feedback while the vehicle’s engine is running.

Test Relays with Relay Fuse Buddy from Electronic Specialties

This tester connects in place of the relay and allows control of circuit power downstream of the relay.

Relay Fuse Buddy (P/N 316) from Electronic Specialties Inc.
Electronic Specialties Offers Forehead IR Thermometer

DT-8806H is an FDA-approved device and is capable of safely measuring forehead temperatures. It can be used on customers and employees in today’s COVID situations.

Electronic Specialtiesl DT-8806H Forehead IR Thermometer.
Electronic Specialties Introduces New EZ-Tach +Plus

A compact instrument designed for easy use while setting idle speeds and tuning.

#328 EZ-Tach +Plus Digital Tachometer
Electronic Specialties Offers 70-Pc. Diagnostic Test Kit

The kit enables diagnostic and testing connections to most automotive vehicle connectors, both foreign and domestic.

Electronic Specialties 70-piece Diagnostic Test and Terminal Set
Test 12V, 24V Relays with Electronic Specialties’ Pro Test Kit

Diagnostic codes and additional features add to the benefits of this kit.

#193 Pro Test Kit from Electronic Specialties Inc.
True RMS Low Current Clamp Meter from Electronic Specialties

Multiple features provide benefits for efficient electronic diagnosis.

Electronic Specialties Introduces New 10-Piece Back Probe Kit

Electronic Specialties’ new No. 804 10-piece back probe kit features the company’s most popular back probes. Designed for diagnostic and electrical troubleshooting, each probe connects to standard 4mm banana plugs.

Electronic Specialties Automotive Test Probe Kit Includes Extended Length Test Leads

These new test leads fit almost all digital multimeters and can also be used with hand-held scopes.