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New Pentastar Exhaust Manifold Kit Reduces Repair Times

Shorten repair times for increased productivity with this new kit.

Problem Solvers: Exhaust Pipe Cutter

Make precise exhaust cuts with no noise, no flame, no mess.

New Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit with 5-Gas Analyzer

Reduce diagnostic time, verify repairs and reduce comebacks.

ProMAXX Introduces Exhaust Manifold Repair Kit for Ford International 7.3L

The new Quido ProKit, a precision-engineered tool that enables the quick and easy removal of broken exhaust manifold bolts in the Ford 7.3L International engine.

ProMAXX ProKit Repairs Exhaust Manifolds Fast

ProMAXX Tool announced the new Megan ProKit, which serves both authorized Ford dealers and independent shops by facilitating the easy removal of broken exhaust manifold bolts in the Ford 6.2L V8 engine.

Coxreels Exhaust Spring-Driven Reels Provide Necessary Ventilation for Safe Workplace Air Quality

Coxreels exhaust reels conveniently store lengths of large diameter exhaust hose and mount to any wall, overhead or floor position.

Beyond the Warranty Maintenance Checklist

What happens after the bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties wear out? If you look at any factory-recommended service intervals, after 100,000 miles they cease to exist. What does it take to keep a vehicle going for 120,000, 180,000 or 250,000 miles? The key is maintenance and

Walker Kicks Off Spring Car Care Season With ‘Exhaust Extravaganza’ Promotion For Consumers

Tenneco’s Walker emissions control brand will help consumers save on emissions control products – including mufflers, welded assemblies and catalytic converters – this spring through its “Exhaust Extravaganza” spring promotion. The Walker “Exhaust Extravaganza” promotion is available from April 1 to May 31, 2014.

Sorting Out New Catalytic Converter Mandates

AutoCarePro sister publication Counterman magazine recently asked Henry Hippert, executive sales director of Eastern Catalytic, to bring readers up to speed on rules and regulations regarding catalytic converters.

DynoMax Mobile Sound Lab App Gives Performance Enthusiasts The Sound Experience Of DynoMax Mufflers

DynoMax Performance Exhaust has announced the launch of its new “Mobile Sound Lab” app, designed to help consumers shopping for a performance muffler to experience each muffler’s unique sound.

DynoMax ULTRA4 Race Team Claims Every Podium Spot In 2014 King Of The Hammers Race

Team DynoMax racers delivered some stellar performances during the recent opening of the 2014 ULTRA4 racing season at the King of the Hammers (KOH) race in Johnson Valley, Calif. Team DynoMax swept all three spots in the KOH title race, as Loren Healy claimed his second “King” title, followed by Tony Pellegrino and Bill Baird. More than 40 ULTRA4 race teams participated under the Team DynoMax banner during the week’s events.

DynoMax ‘Spring Promotion’ Offer Gives Enthusiasts Up To A $100 Pre-Paid Card For Performance Exhaust Purchases

DynoMax Performance Exhaust has announced it will offer performance enthusiasts an easy way to save on their DynoMax cat-back exhaust purchase this spring through the new “Spring Promotion” offer. The “Spring Promotion” will reward up to a $100 Visa prepaid card for the purchase of a qualifying cat-back exhaust system.