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Killer Tools & Equipment Corp. Introduces New Hole Punch Kit

The new 14 piece Bumper Perfect Kit punches holes for an OEM look.

New Bumper Hole Punch from Killer Tools

The Bumper Perfect Hole Punch Extension Kit adds four new sizes for use with the original kit.

Killer Tools Announces New Steel Electrode Dent Puller

This is the first steel dent pulling system complete with an integrated seated cart, and all weld on pulling capabilities.

Killer Tools Plastic Repair System

This easy-to-use plastic repair system can weld while saving you hundreds of dollars on nitrogen costs.

Ozone Generator Kills Bacteria, Odors on Contact

The timer can be set to run at night with the premises being completely sanitized by the following morning.

Mr. Fogger Disinfectant Sprayer from Killer Tools

The injection of turbulent air creates a dynamic whirlwind of disinfectant mist, allowing for better distribution of products.

Killer Tools Offers Digital Stud Welder

The welder has a leverage bar for pulling heavy pulls and T-handle for lighter pulls with an assortment of steel and aluminum studs.

killer tools stud welder
Killer Tools Aluminum Weld Station

The 110-volt station includes an aluminum and steel stud welder that welds 4 mm and 6 mm studs.