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Separate Gaskets from Pans with Lisle’s Specialty Tool

Drive tool between the gasket and then use a hammer from the side to separate the pan from the gasket.

Lisle Introduces Inline Spark Tester

The newest spark tester includes a coil-on-plug wire.

Clean Up Mishaps Easier with Lisle Glass Debris Tool

This flexible tool assists in moving broken glass to an area it can be removed.

Flat Brush Design Created by Lisle for Large Surface Cleaning

The newest brushes called TIME SAVER #1, #2 and #3 were made for large surface cleaning jobs.

Heavy-Duty 21-Piece End Cap Filter Wrench Set

The set’s hardened steel plates are wire and spot welded for strength.

Easier Parts Cleaning Parts Washers, Detail Brushes from Lisle

Both have innovative bullet-shaped tips that resist mushrooming.

Lisle Carbide Scraper Removes Residue from Steel, Aluminum Heads

The tool is designed to remove gasket residue from steel and aluminum heads and manifolds, along with carbon buildup and even rust.

19.75-In. Long Door Panel Tool Reaches Upholstery Clips

Complete with a square notch design that removes plastic and metal clips, this Lisle tool helps eliminate broken fasteners.

Disconnect Fuel and EVAP Lines with Lisle 45-Degree Pliers

The low profile design with 45° bend disconnects fuel line, EVAP line fittings and DEF fittings in hard-to-reach areas.

Flush Heater Cores with Lisle Backflush Tool

Air pressure is added to the water flow, creating agitation that flushes out even the most stubborn clogs.

Lisle’s Camshaft Tool Locks Cams in Place

Use the tool to accurately line up and hold cams for proper timing chain alignment on Honda K-Series engines.

Keep Your Creeper Safely Stored

This hanger from Lisle can be attached to most toolboxes, benches or walls to store plastic or metal creepers.