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Reach Rusty OEM Cams with Lisle GM Caster Camber Kit

The kit’s cam adjusting holding tool surrounds the entire perimeter of each cam to provide a no-slip work area when moving OEM cams.

Evacuate Air from Power Steering Systems with Lisle Corp. Kit

To be used with a vacuum pump, the kit includes large and small tapered stoppers, graduated catch can, two lids, tubing and three brake bleeder adapters.

Lisle’s Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester Features Digital LCD Display

With an operating range of 3-49 volts DC to work on most vehicle electrical systems, the tool has 360° visibility of polarity.

Lisle’s Harmonic Balancer Socket Gives You More Energy

This heavy-duty impact socket is designed with more than three times the standard socket mass to direct more energy to removing the bolt. It can be used on Honda engines that use a 19mm hex pulley damper bolt or other 19mm applications.

Lisle Corp. Offers Valve Core Tool

Lisle Corp.’s 15190 Valve Core Tool features a heat-treated steel tip for removing and installing standard valve cores. The tool has a dual durometer handle for comfort with a rotating knob on the end, allowing the tool to turn smoothly while applying pressure with the palm of your hand.

Lisle’s New Snap Ring Pliers Fit Tight Spaces

The Lisle 46200 Snap Ring Pliers quickly convert from internal to external use. Simply pivot each handle to the opposite side to reverse action. The smaller design is made to fit tight spaces.

Lisle Offers Wheel Stud Pilot Pin Set

Three pairs of metric threaded wheel stud pilot pins allow you to hang the wheel without having to balance it on the small lip of the hub.

Lisle Offers OBD II Splitter with Power & Ground

Plug a scanner into Lisle Corp.’s OBD II Splitter with Power & Ground to activate certain circuits while having access to power and ground for use with a multimeter, scope or test light.