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Lumax Lubrication Kit Conveniently Organizes Accessories

Lumax released a new Lubrication Accessory Kit that holds Lumax’s 11 most popular lubrication accessories.

New Heavy-Duty Swivel Handle Oil Filter Wrenches from Lumax

The filter wrenches are ergonomically designed for the user’s comfort, featuring cushion grip handles and slim, adjustable designs. The unique yoke and link assembly allows a strong grip, but prevents crushed filters.

Heavy Duty Swivel Handle Filter Wrenches
New Extra-Long Quick-Release Grease Coupler from Lumax

The coupler forms a high-performance hydraulic seal with no damage to the seal even after several hundred uses.

LX-1403-XL New Extra Long Quick-Release Grease Coupler
Lumax Offers Dual-Leverage Premium Heavy-Duty Grease Gun

The LX-1153 maintains pressure and grease flow even in confined spaces.

pistol grease gun
Lumax Offers 4-in-1 Oil Filter Wrench Set

The oil filter wrench’s four 1″ steel bands are easily interchanged with the use of two detent pins.

Lumax Announces Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

Built from heavy-duty cast iron for durability, the pump is designed to reduce wear and to keep working over a long period of time.

Lumax LX-1377 heavy-duty fuel transfer pump
Lumax’s Eight-in-One SAE & Metric Oil Drain Plug Swivel Wrench Features Patented Design

The eight-in-one tools fit most oil drain, transfer case and differential plugs. The swivel head allows for easy access and fits all angles.

Lumax Offers New Heavy Duty Quick-Release Grease Coupler

The heavy-duty quick release grease coupler locks on and creates a leak-proof seal.

Lumax Offers Multi-Purpose 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set

The LX-1819 has a flexible strap that fits any shape filter and avoids surface damage.

Lumax Offers New LX-1389 Fluid Dispenser with Syringe-Action

Use the dispenser for filling or removing brake fluid, antifreeze, gear oil from master cylinders, transaxles, power steering fluid or coolant reservoirs prior to bleeding, fluid changes or repairs.