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Mayhew Extends Dominator Pro Pry Bar Line with New 36” Orange and Green Handled Pry Bars

New 36″ orange and green handled prybars added to long standing Dominator Pro Pry Bar line.

Mayhew Introduces New 14-Piece Micro Hand Tool Set

This new set is a compilation of all the current micro line products from Mayhew; including pry bars, picks, hooks and screwdrivers.

New Small Stud Extractor Now Available from Mayhew Tools

This new stud extractor, 1/4″ drive, allows for stud and bolt removal from tighter spaces with a wide option of driver abilities for job versatility.

Mayhew Debuts New Fluorescent Handled Screwdrivers

The new screwdrivers, Slotted and Phillips, are part of the greater Made in the USA product line and are available as both sets and individual tools.

Mayhew Tools Expands Socket Bit Product Line

The new medium and long socket bits are available individually and as sets.

The medium socket bit assemblies have an OAL of 5.75” and the long socket bit assemblies have an OAL of 7”. 
Mayhew Tools Renews Northeastern Champ Kart Series Sponsorship

Mayhew will also sponsor the Dominator Award, a prize given to the driver that leads the most laps in each feature event.

Mayhew Tools Introduces Screwdriver Product Line

The line, featuring both individual tools and sets, fills a void in the market for screwdrivers entirely made in the USA.

Mayhew Tools Introduces New 3 Piece Demo Driver Set

The demo drivers feature a unique hybrid design of a screwdriver and pry bar in one.

Mayhew Tools Extends Pry Bar Line with New Mini Pry Bar Set

These mini pry bars are the smallest pry bars in the Mayhew Tools line, measuring at 5.5 in. each.

Mayhew Expands Hammerless Tools Line with 3-Piece Set

The extension to Mayhew’s Hammerless Tools line provides a variety of hammerless options to the user in a single pouch.

Mayhew Tools Offers Heat-Stabilized Cable Ties

These USA-made cable ties provide users a wider range of applications when temperature is a factor.

Mayhew Tools Introduces Made in the USA Insert and Power Bit Lines

Each of the new product lines offers hundreds of product SKUs designed to accommodate a wide variety of fastener styles and sizes.