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Mercedes EQS Service Opportunities

EQ is the EV brand for Mercedes. It is the equivalent of Audi’s Etron or VW’s iD brands.

Mueller-Kueps Alignment Wrench Facilitates Work on Mercedes Vehicles

This tool can access and adjust the rear axle toe without you having to remove the underbody.

CTA Transmission Oil Drain Kit Removes Fluid with Air Pressure

CTA’s kit flushes out impurities in the oil that could cause extra wear and tear on the transmission.

Autologic Diagnostics Introduces Programming on the AssistPlus Device

The AssistPlus device uses advanced diagnostic software to help ensure European vehicle issues are diagnosed correctly the first time.

Beta Introduces Impact Sockets for Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

These 1/2” drive impact sockets have a polymer sleeve for non-marring performance when removing lug nuts with the flower-design on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.