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Motor Guard Introduces Line of Miniature Sanding Blocks

These new blocks are constructed of a specially formulated compound and their ergonomic shapes allow for fine, fingertip sanding on a wide variety of profiles and body lines.

Motor Guard Activated Carbon Filter Removes Oil Vapor in Automotive Finishing

The Carbon-Max Cartridge contains activated carbon media that traps oil and other molecules in microscopic pores through the adsorption process.

Motor Guard Stud Welder Kit Designed for ‘No Holes’ Dent Repair

Motor Guard’s latest addition to their Magna-Spot line of stud welders, the JO-1050 Entry-Plus Kit has improved Striker-Tip Draw Pins for strong welds on all steels.

Motor Guard’s Plastic Repair System Kit Now Includes Exclusive Ironing Tip

The Magna-Stitcher Plastic Repair System works by welding a rigid stainless steel stake into the surface of the plastic resulting in a permanent repair of the crack.

Motor Guard Introduces Latest Stud Welder Kit

This kit contains all the basic items needed for professional no-holes dent repair. A full array of accessories is available to expand the kit for a variety of applications.

Motor Guard Introduces Plastic Repair System with Exclusive Ironing Tip

The MS-2500 features a work light in the gun to illuminate out-of-the-way areas and comes with an assortment of Magna-Stakes as well as an ironing tip for smoothing rough areas.

Motor Guard Introduces Unique Line of Flexible Sanding Blocks

These new blocks are constructed of a dense yet flexible compound that allows bending to suit body profiles while maintaining a firm, durable backing for highly effective sanding.

Motor Guard Expands Line of Rigid Sanding Blocks

Designed for high-performance blocking on steel or aluminum body panels, Motor Guard’s Super-Rigid Big Block models are engineered from super-dense yet light-weight materials. These new sanding blocks provide just the right amount of flex to conform to body panels and slight contours, both aluminum and steel.