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A Diagnostic Time Machine

Increase your efficiency with simplified initial core diagnostics.

Innova Launches Intuitive Touch Screen OBD II Diagnostic Tablet

With this guided diagnostic system, users can easily find detailed information faster by category, including emissions system status, vehicle codes and severity, adaptations, relearning, calibration and initialization.

Innova 7111 Smart Diagnostic System (SDS) diagnostic tablet.
Autel US Releases CAN FD Adapter for MaxiSYS, MaxiIM and MaxiCheck Tablets

Vehicles currently using this faster CAN FD (CAN Flexible Data-Rate) protocol include many GM and Ford 2019 and 2020 vehicles. CAN FD is noted for being faster, more reliable and more secure.

Autel CAN FD Adapter
Code Reader Podcast: P0455

Our scan tool pulled a diagnostic trouble code of P0455: Evap System Large Leak Detected.

Scan Tool Freeze Frames: Using Generic Data to Make a Specific Diagnosis

As part of OBDII, Mode$02 for the logging or freeze frame data was created. This diagnostic protocol saves data PIDs and information when a code is set.

Matco Tools Offers Powerful Code Reader

Features like DTC severity, on-screen DTC definitions and freeze-frame data make the MD60A a powerful entry-level tool.

DG Technologies Offers OBD II Breakout Box

Using two OBD II interface connectors and banana plug connection points for each pin, this Breakout Box gives you access to all lines in the J1962 cable.

Lisle Offers OBD II Splitter with Power & Ground

Plug a scanner into Lisle Corp.’s OBD II Splitter with Power & Ground to activate certain circuits while having access to power and ground for use with a multimeter, scope or test light.

Talk To All Available Modules With Autel’s MaxiDiag Elite MD802

Derived from Autel’s Professional Series tool, the MaxiDAS DS708, the MaxiDiag Elite MD802 enables the user to not only get into the OE enhanced OBD II system with mode 6 access and live data graphing, but it also allows a technician to scan the entire car — all makes, all models and all available modules. With the

OBD II Misfire And Diagnosis

When diagnosing misfires, it’s important to use tools that allow you to go beyond a simple code reader that displays a P03XX. Even an OEM-level scan tool can’t tell you what the firing voltage is or what the ignition pattern looks like. Nor can it tell you if the serial data is accurate or correct. For that kind of information you need a DVOM or a graphing multimeter/oscilloscope that can look at sensor voltages directly and display primary and secondary ignition patterns.

ASE L1: Understanding Scan Tool Modes

Section B, Item 8 of the ASE L1 certification task list states:
“Interpret OBD II scan tool data stream, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), freeze-frame data, system monitors, monitor readiness indicators, and trip and drive cycle information to determine system condition and verify repair effectiveness.” What ASE is talking about are the modes of OBD II scan tool protocol. Modes are usually denoted by a dollar sign and a two-digit number.

Catalytic Converters: Replacement Is Changing

If your shop is not in California, the replacement of the catalytic converter is simple and typically there is only one replacement option. Most shops understand that they must replace the converter and that using a test pipe or bypassing the converter is bad for business and against the EPA regulations and could result in big fines.