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Permatex 500° High Heat Epoxy Repairs Stand Up Under-the-Hood

Designed to seal against common automotive fluids, Permatex 500° High Heat works on a wide variety of applications.

New Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner

Coming in 2022, this heavy-duty hand cleaner will include antibacterial agents.

Select the Right Permatex Threadlocker

These color matching-bottles will align with the threadlocker strength and color inside the bottle.

Permatex Launches Online Training Portal

Each course provides application information, along with a quiz to test the user’s knowledge.

New Permatex Bolt Mark Identifies Fastener Loosening, Tampering

Brightly colored indicator paste provides visual marker of completed work.

Permatex Epoxy Innovations Help Improve Automotive, Home Repairs

Innovations include no drip gel, ready-to-use indicators, high heat, color choices and substrate specific formulations.

Permatex Expands High Temp Gasket Maker Range

Red Gasket Makers can be used for a wide range of high temperature repairs and service applications on headers, exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, slip-fit exhaust parts and more.

Permatex has introduced four new Red Gasket Makers for high temperature applications.
Permatex Offers SCRUBS In-A-Bucket Professional-Grade Towels

Quickly clean hands, tools and all types of surfaces.

Permatex: Avoid 10 Common Epoxy Mistakes

To make sure you get the results you’re hoping for when you use an epoxy adhesive, avoid these 10 common mistakes.

Permatex Expands Fast Orange Xtreme Hand Cleaner Line

Fast Orange Xtreme Hand Cleaner is a professional grade formulation designed specifically for automotive technicians to deliver more cleaning power, leaving little residue and removing petroleum odors while protecting the skin.

Permatex Introduces 2-In-1 Seal & Lock Solution

Seal & Lock provides increased reliability and durability of repairs by ensuring sealed connections will not leak and locked fittings will not loosen.

Permatex Seal & Lock Thread Compound threadlocker
Permatex Introduces Fast Orange Grime Magnet Sponge for Oil Spills and Cleanup

This soap-infused sponge can absorb 14x its weight in petroleum products, and can be used multiple times.

Fast Orange soap-infused sponge