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Performance Work Hoodie from Red Kap

Tucked-away drawstrings leave no loose ends and the ZeroSkratch zipper won’t scratch or catch in all the wrong places.

Women’s Performance Plus Shop Shirt from Red Kap

This shop shirt repels tough auto fluids, including oil, to keep its fresh appearance.

Red Kap Offers Men’s Wrinkle-Resistant Pant

The strong and durable twill fabric has superior soil-release and color-retention capabilities, so you won’t be spending time working out stains.

Red Kap Offers Classic Striped Auto Work Shirt

The Classic Striped Auto Work Shirt is a vintage classic for any shop. Sleek stripes and a lined collar add style to a job done right. The shirts are available in short- and long-sleeve versions.

Red Kap Offers Durable Shop Pants with Cell Phone Pocket

The Red Kap Cell Phone Pants and Shorts feature a multi-use pocket with a concealed snap closure, ideal for keeping commonly used tools or a phone close at hand. The pocket is placed on the side seam for easy access.

Red Kap Offers New Shop-Specific Pants And Shorts

Red Kap is introducing its “made-to-work-on-cars” shorts and pants. The shorts are garage-tested and loaded with auto-specific features like the company’s MultiPack pockets for easy access to phone, keys and tools. Comfort comes standard with an inseam gusset, a GotGIve Waistband and an industrial-friendly stretch canvas fabric that moves with you behind the wheel and