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Robinair Releases New A/C Refrigerant Capacity Database Cards

Ensure vehicle systems are charged with the correct amount of oil and refrigerant, per factory and OEM specifications.

Robinair Announces New Connected A/C Recovery Machines Available this Month

Robinair’s two new connected A/C recovery machines — 34998 and AC1234-9 — will provide technicians with new and improved A/C service capabilities and accuracy when diagnosing or recharging standard or hybrid vehicle systems.

Robinair Announces New Refrigerant Analyzers

Robinair has released its new R-ID (#16990) and R-ID Plus (#16995) refrigerant analyzers, which allow technicians to quickly and accurately determine the refrigerant purity of a vehicle’s A/C system. The R-ID and R-ID Plus refrigerant analyzers are designed for use on vehicles with either R-134a or the newer R-1234yf refrigerant.

Robinair 1234YF Recover, Recycle, Recharge Machine

The Robinair AC1234-6 was the first commercially available fully automatic R1234YF machine to meet the SAE’s requirement for recovering, recycling and recharging vehicle A/C systems with the new refrigerant.

Robinair Releases New Replacement Service and Tank Hoses

The 34888HD R134a machine is engineered to save time in the shop with fully automatic operation and a removable tank for larger A/C systems typically found in buses.

Robinair Leak Detectors Compatible with Nearly All Refrigerants

The leak detectors, LD3, LD5 and LD7, meet all industry standards and are now available in North America to help technicians find leaks faster.

Robinair Identifier Automatically Determines Refrigerant Purity

Robinair’s Refrigerant Identifier Plus (16910) provides a fast, easy and accurate means to determine refrigerant purity in refrigerant storage cylinders or directly in vehicle air conditioning systems.

Robinair A/C System Capacity Database Updates for A/C Recovery Machines in North America

The databases were developed to provide the most up-to-date information available. The updates ensure the vehicle system is charged with the proper amount of oil and refrigerant, per factory and OEM specifications.

Robinair’s Three New Made in the USA Leak Detectors for Quickly Finding R-1234yf and R-134a Leaks

Equipped with an automatic calibration and the ability to reset to ambient, the new leak detectors include three adjustable sensitivity levels and a low battery indicator.

Robinair To Give Away A/C Machine in Sweepstakes

Technicians can sign up now at or at the 2018 MACS show in Orlando.

Robinair and MACS To Provide Free Section 609 Test Prep Webinar and Online Test

After the 90-minute webinar, technicians can become Section 609 certified to work on vehicles using R-12, R-134a and R-1234yf refrigerant when they take and successfully pass the online test.

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Robinair’s New Heavy-Duty A/C Machine Features Automatic Function and Recovery Efficiency

Technicians can set the 34888HD and walk away as it recovers, evacuates, leak tests, recharges and drains and injects oil back into the system.