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Performing A Brake Job On A 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra

For 2007, the Toyota Tundra was redesigned. The body changed, and the foundation brake system was also updated with larger front brake calipers and rear disc brakes. The control system and hydraulics changed with a new vehicle stability system that included yaw, steering angle and brake pedal load sensors.

Why Chasing The Cheapest Brake Job Costs Your Shop In The Long Run

Ever since the 1930s, there has been a war on the price of brake jobs. Eighty years ago, shops were advertising low-priced brake relines on sandwich boards for $19.99, but they complained about “gyps” selling brake jobs for $9.99 on the side of the road. We see almost the same situation today. This time the price point is around $150. Instead of gyps, shops are complaining about some guy on Craigslist who will perform a brake job for around $40 if he is provided with the pads.

Returning Brake Rotors To ‘Like New’ Condition

When it comes to returning brake rotors to “like new” condition, it is a two-step process that can be different every time. If the vehicle has a pulsation symptom or complaint, it pays to perform a diagnostic check before machining the rotor in terms of both time and additional parts sales.

Toyota Tech Tip: Front Brake Rattle Noise

Some Corolla and Matrix owners may experience a front brake rattle type of noise when the car is traveling over bumps. Updated front disc brake cylinder (caliper) mountings and disc brake pad support plates are available to eliminate this condition. Conduct a road test to verify the noise condition. Front brake rattle noise will occur when the front tire runs over a depression in the road.

Measure Rotor Thickness, Runout: Stop Pulsation Comebacks Before They Start

Let’s say a vehicle had .003″ of lateral runout when measured at the outside face of the rotor. If this vehicle is riding on 205/55R16 tires, in one mile, the high-spot with .003″ of runout goes past the caliper approximately 836 times. Over 6,000 miles, that spot on the rotor will go past the pads more than 5 million times. Every time this spot passes the pads, a little bit of the rotor’s material is removed. Over the course of those 5 million revolutions, enough material is removed to create a thickness variation that can be felt by the driver. This is why it is critical to measure thickness and runout in a brake rotor and wheel flange even if new rotors are going to be installed.

Servicing Brakes: I’ve Finally Found My Match!

Faster and lighter-weight components can lead to vibrations that increase from the smallest amount of lateral run-out. Karl Schneider takes us through the equipment and tools that will help prevent brake repair comebacks, ensuring customers are satisfied when braking for thousands of miles.

Brake Job On 2000-2006 Chrysler Sebring

The second-generation Chrysler Sebring brakes are problem free when compared to the previous generation. There are very few reports online about pulsation problems that seemed to plague the previous generation. The 2000-2006 Sebring front brakes can have different caliper designs depending on the engine and model year, and even if it is a convertible. Make sure the parts store has all the information before you order parts.

Honeywell Friction Materials Expands Coverage To More Than 44 Million New And Late-Model Vehicles

Honeywell Friction Materials, known for its Bendix and JURID branded brake products, grew its aftermarket line by more than 125 new model numbers – covering more than 44 million vehicles – in the second quarter of this year. These new parts will enable technicians to offer premium brake service on a wide range of new and late-model vehicles from both foreign and domestic automotive manufacturers.

New Raybestos Brand Brake Pads And Rotors Added For Late Model Foreign And Domestic Applications

Raybestos brand brake parts – a member of Brake Parts Inc. (BPI) – has begun adding listings for the 2014 model year, with coverage for nine makes and 13 2014 models.

Drum Brake Service: Single-Anchor, Floating Shoe Designs

Although four-wheel disc brakes currently dominate the import brake service market, millions of drum brakes are serviced each day in independent import shops. Thanks to their age, many drum brakes present problems related not only to normal wear, but also to extended age and mileage.

Diagnosing Your Customers’ Brake Noise Complaints

Squeaking can be the most challenging and is often evident after the brakes have been serviced. The best way to deal with brake squeal is to prevent it in the first place. While we’re all familiar with brake service, it never hurts to review good practices.

Changing Your Mind, Not Brake Rotors

How do you handle a pulsation or comeback? Blame the pads? The driver? Defective rotor? When you point your finger at these items, there are three fingers pointing back at YOU.