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Honeywell Friction Materials Rebrands Its Drum And Rotor Program Under Bendix Brand Name

In an ongoing effort to provide premium products that technicians trust using, Honeywell Friction Materials announced it is rebranding its drum and rotor program.

Centric Parts Announces Changes To StopTech And Power Slot Sport Rotor Program

Centric Parts has announced a name change in its performance product lineup for 2013. In an effort to streamline its performance product range, the former Power Slot and SportStop direct-replacement one-piece rotors will now be known instead as StopTech Sport Rotors.

SAE J2928: The new rotor test procedure will be a hot topic in 2013

SAE J2928 might change the way you decide what rotors go on a vehicle.

Textar Brake Rotors Now Available At WORLDPAC

Textar, a leading manufacturer of OE brake pads, now offers a range of German-engineered, high-carbon brake rotors for European applications. Utilizing the know-how that comes from nearly 100 years of developing OE brake pads, engineers at Textar have developed a perfectly matched brake rotor, ensuring the ultimate braking performance of your car, according to the company.

Toyota Brake Service Tips

Here are the top Toyota brake tips that can save you from a comeback or lost productivity.

Brake Job On 2006-Current Cadillac DTS

The 2006-current Cadillac DTS is the largest sedan that General Motors offers. The DTS incorporates the K-platform as denoted by the 4th letter in the VIN. It is built on the same line as the Buick Lucerne. The two vehicles share many brake components, but option packaging is different for the Lucerne.

Memory Lane: Nuts, Bolts And Screws – Finishing A Chevy Restoration Project

Gary Goms discusses the mechanical challenges of restoring a truck that he began maintaining when he went to work in a gas station – back in 1957!

Rotor Runout and DTV: How to Decrease Comebacks with Two Simple Tools

Replacing rotors on every brake job is not a cost effective or efficient way to perform brake service. You may save 10 to 15 minutes by not having to use a dial indicator and a micrometer, but your chance for comebacks can dramatically increase.

Dodge Tech Tip: Jingle/Squeak from L/H Rear of Vehicle

The driver may experience a squeak and/or jingle from the left rear of the vehicle when driving over rough roads.

Performing a Brake Job on a 2005-2010 Toyota Scion TC

The replacement of the pads and rotors on a Toyota Scion TC is straightforward, but there are some things that you should know before you start. This car is designed for ceramic friction material formulations. If everything is operating correctly, it is not uncommon for a set of rotors to last three sets of ceramic pads. Toyota even recommends not machining the rotors if the rotors are within specifications for thickness, thickness variation and runout.

New Raybestos Brand Brake Pads, Rotors and Calipers Released for Late-Model Import and Domestic Applications

Raybestos brand brake parts – a member of the Affinia family of brands – has added brake rotors, calipers and brake pads to the Raybestos brakes catalog for select 2009-2013 models.

Inspecting Brake Hydraulic Systems: Worn Components Take Their Toll on Advanced Suspension Technologies

During a service writer’s efforts to sell competitive brake services at the service desk, he or she often focuses on selling “good, better or best” brake friction replacements, while ignoring the added expense of repairing brake hydraulics. Did you know that neglected brake system hydraulics can cause an expensive warranty comeback?