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SafeShop: Winter Comes Every Year

Seasons change every year, and yet people are surprised and suffer losses because of this predictable change.

SafeShop: Customized Hand Protection? It’s Here!

Technology is always advancing. Glove technology is no different. According to Atlantic Safety Products, what once used to be a measure of discomfort can now actually be a source of healing.

How Well Do You Know Your Hand Protection?

Sure, you wear them every day, but are your disposable gloves the right ones for the job?

Flu Reinforces the Need for Good Hand Hygiene Practices

The news surrounding H1N1 Influenza A (swine flu) has demonstrated the impact germs can have on individuals and businesses, and reinforces the need to wash and sanitize hands in the workplace.

Have You Scheduled Your Annual Lift Inspections?

Sure, you see them every day, but when was the last time your vehicle lifts were thoroughly inspected by a qualified lift inspector?

MRSA: It Was Just a Little Scratch

MRSA. No, it’s not a new automotive acronym, and no it does not mean “mister service advisor.” You need to be aware of MRSA and what it means to everyone, especially people like us whose skin is frequently scratched and punctured on the job. WARNING: This article contains graphic images of wounds.

Safe Shop: Waste Oil Collection

As an automotive repair shop, your business handles used oil and fluids daily, and there are certain good housekeeping practices that must be followed. These required practices, called “management standards,” were developed by the EPA for any business that handles used oil. These standards are common sense, good business practices designed to ensure the safe

SafeShop: Nature of the Hazard – Safe Welding Practices

Welding two pieces of metal together with sparks, fire and electricity is obviously a dangerous part of a technician’s job. Because as an automotive technician you’re not welding all day, the safety precautions that a professional welder takes sometimes go by the wayside. But even for short periods of welding, you must consider the dangers

Safe Shop: See to it That Your Shop is a Safe Place to Work

When technician Frank Maier lost his right eye in a shop-related accident 36 years ago, the phrase “Personal Protective Equipment” (PPE) was a relatively new concept mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. He’d be the first to tell you though, that wearing eye, hand and ear protection while working in an

Safe Shop: Employee Uniforms Increase Consumer Confidence

First impressions matter in every industry, and the automotive service aftermarket has its own set of challenges and needs. Extreme temperatures; compact spaces under hoods, under cars; and oily, heavy equipment and dirty parts can quickly and easily make for a grimy technician and messy shop appearance. Your employees define who you are and what

Safe Shop: Be Prepared

Recovery Plan Will Help You Respond Quickly and Effectively to a Disaster Hurricanes, fire, flood, earthquakes, even computer viruses are disasters that can threaten a business, and they can happen anywhere at any time. They’re never planned, but they can be prepared for with recovery plans that could help you save your business in case

Safe Shop: Real-World Lift Safety

The repair order read “vehicle pulls to the left.” The owner of a Ford Excursion wanted an alignment. The job started out like any other — a preliminary test drive to confirm the symptoms and then it was run up onto the alignment lift. The front tires were carefully steered onto the turn plates. The