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OTC’s Latest Bravo 2.8 Encore Software Update Includes Enhanced Diagnostic Tests

Important highlights of the software release include special tests to assist with diagnosing various issues for many domestic, Asian and European models.

Hella Gutmann’s mega macs 56 Minimizes Troubleshooting Time on European Cars

By setting a hotspot, the mega macs 56 becomes a mobile diagnostic tool. Communication to vehicles takes place wirelessly. Just plug in the VCI to the OBD port.

MAHLE Scan Tool Features Reflashing Capability

The tool’s vehicle communication interface (VCI) and software can be used with a technician’s current Windows-based desktop, laptop or tablet, so it’s very portable.

Injectronic’s CJ4 Includes Labscope For Added Functionality

The CJ4 is a multi-functional scan tool with a wide variety of functions needed to diagnose vehicles. Much of the coverage includes enhanced data, key setting, adjustments and waveform viewing.

Autel’s MaxiSYS Elite Offers Faster Processor, New Docking Station

The Elite’s VCI utilizes Autel’s sophisticated J-2534 interface for expansion, and features a faster processor, higher screen resolution, faster WiFi, longer battery life and Android’s 4.3 operating system.

Snap-on Adds Diagnostic Quick Tips Training Videos

Hosted by Snap-on National Field Trainer Jason Gabrenas, the complete Quick Tips series is free of charge and available 24 hours a day on Snap-on’s website and YouTube channel.

Snap-on VANTAGE Ultra: Multimeter and Lab Scope

VANTAGE Ultra is a graphing multimeter and high-speed, two channel lab scope that provides fast, reliable tests to verify failed components before starting the repair. With the scope functionality, the tool provides the ability to help eliminate guesswork, reduce comebacks and increase confidence in every recommended repair.

Matco maxME Scan Tool With One-Click Updates

View photos you’ve captured with the maxME’s front and rear camera, demo videos and diagrams on the hi-res, 8” touch screen. With its Android platform users can perform vehicle diagnostics, surf the web for trouble codes and use any third-party app all at the same time.

Introducing The New Snap-on SOLUS Edge Diagnostic Tool

The SOLUS Edge provides detailed trouble code definitions, live data, functional tests, relearns and adaptations with the ability to record all available live data parameters and graph any four on screen at once.

Launch Offers Android ScanPad Scan Tool Tablet

The ScanPad101 from Launch is a robust, drop-tested Android-based scan tool tablet with a 10.1-inch ultra-high resolution IPS touch screen. It includes Launch’s next-generation software suite, providing OE-Level access to Asian, European and domestic applications for module coding, resets, relearns and bi-directional capabilities.

Reflashing & Reprogramming Tools

Contributing Editor Andrew Markel warns “you cannot ignore reflashing any longer.” He provides seven tools you need for reflashing as well as eight problems that can be resolved by reflashing.

Matco Tools Introduces the MPS700 OBD II & ABD Scan Tool

Matco Tools introduces a new OBD II & ABD Scan Tool, the MPS700. This tool provides the top reported fixes for the trouble codes that caused the check engine light to illuminate. The top fixes are specific to the vehicle’s make, model and year.