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Circuit Tester with Digital Display Released from S&G Tool Aid

The tester quickly and easily checks voltage, power, ground and circuitry without the need to hook up complex equipment.

S & G Tool Aid Four-Piece Clip Removal Tool Kit

Both the right angle and offset angle clip removal tools have an overall length of 21 in. to access hard-to-reach molding clips.

S & G Tool Aid Releases New Open Barrel Crimping Tool

Designed to crimp non-insulated open barrel terminals and access hard-to-reach areas.

S&G Tool Aid Terminal Crimper Die Set Constructed for Electrical, Battery Terminals

S&G Tool Aid Corp. has released the Terminal Crimper with Rotating Die Set for 8 – 4/0 AWG uninsulated terminals (18840) for crimping copper electrical and battery terminals using copper stranded wire.