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Milton Industries Acquires Steck Manufacturing

Milton extends tool offerings in automotive repair, collision repair, lockout and towing markets.

Steck Tools’ Parts Cart Allows Dual-Sided Access

Configure up to three shelves/mesh baskets vertically or flip to dual-sided access, and add hooks to hang components.

Work Efficiently with Steck Inner Race Hub Saver

This tool allows the technician to remove the race from the hub in about five minutes.

Access Door Panel Clips with Steck Extended Clip Release Tool

Using the beveled end with the large 6-in. handle allows the technician to twist and raise the interior door panel clips.

Remove Fender Flares with Steck’s Retainer Clip Release Tool

No more breaking clips or wasting time trying to locate the back of the clip.

Steck Manufacturing Introduces Extended Clip Release Tool

Accessing door panel clips when removing the door panel can be a challenge, especially because of how deep they are located.

Steck Antenna Wrench II Replaces Nut Socket Wrench Set with 1 Tool

The Antenna Wrench II’s unique design expands coverage to more vehicles, such as the removal of difficult Dodge pickup antenna due to the raised hood.

Steck Shaper Kit Brings Deformed Parts Back to Original Shape

The Steck Panel Shaper Kit is an air-hammer-driven set that consists of three self-lubricating nylon-reinforced heads that allow technicians to reach deep areas.

Steck Offers Tool Kit for Aluminum Body Work

The Aluminum Door Skinning and SPR Bundle Kit can be used to replace and install an aluminum door skin.

Steck Introduces Right Angle Sure Grip Trim Clip Plier

The Right Angle Sure Grip Trim Clip Plier saves the technician time by allowing the access to remove the trim clip as well as saving the cost of replacing the broken trim clip.

Steck’s Soft Strike Dolly Cover Protects Aluminum Components

The Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover also eliminates the problem of a rubber dolly not being heavy enough to work effectively, by allowing you to simply add the cover to your existing steel dolly.

Work Safely on Steel or Aluminum with Steck’s Soft Strike Dolly Cover

The Soft Strike General Purpose Dolly Cover allows you to easily transition from working body tools on steel to aluminum without the worry of cross contamination and galvanic corrosion. The cover can also be paired with other Steck tools to allow you to repair the vehicle after you see the contour of the dam.