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The Hook by Power Probe offers Diagnostics and Testing

The Hook powers large loads up to 100 amps with multiple features for electrical diagnostics.

the Hook Diagnostic Tool and Electronic Circuit Tester
Frank Leutz and Desert Car Care

TechShop goes on the road for another visit in our shop profile series.

Alert Lights Up Your Summer Fun

Alert Stamping offers their updated Spot Light and Lantern, helping people enjoy outside activities.

Hoffmann Group USA ‘Click & Clamp’ GARANT Xtric Centering Vice

The vice is equipped with a new chuck jaw quick-change system, which enables easy, tool-free changeover.

VIDEO: Diagnosing DTC P0171 System Too Lean

TechShop Managing Editor Eric Garbe discusses diagnostic trouble code P0171 System Too Lean Bank One.

CTA Injector Puller Kit Removes Injectors Without Removing Electrical Components

The CTA Injector Puller Kit removes frozen or stuck on injectors without removing the electrical components.

CTA: Easily Remove Glow Plugs

The Glow Plug Puller Kit is especially useful in narrow engine bays, with glow plugs nearest the fire-wall. Remove broken glow plugs from the top of the cylinder head without damage.

CTA Injector Seat and Chamber Cleaning Set

The CTA Injector Seat and Chamber Cleaning Set (7810) cleans injector seats and holes prior to installation of new injector.

CTA Ford Flow Sensor Socket Clears Sensor Connection Bracket For Easy Removal

It is specially designed to clear the sensor connection bracket for easy removal of the Fuel/Temperature flow sensor.

CTA Glow Plug Tip Puller Kit

The tap, drill bit and extractor holders are fitted to the body of the original plug and slide in for perfect centering.

TPMS: Test Before You Touch

When it comes to TPMS service, there are several best practices shops should follow as standard protocol. One of the most important of these practices is “Test Before You Touch.”

CTA Lug Driller Removes Bolts Without Damage

The Lug Driller from CTA Tools removes the most difficult locking lug bolts quickly, safely and without damage to the wheel or rim.