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Your tool’s tip is important to give the tool the protection is needs against scratching a vehicles interior, as well as the grip that it needs to manipulate lock knobs, handles and buttons.

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TPMS Quick Tip: NHTSA Scenarios Part 2

The second scenario focuses on aftermarket wheels and a customer’s refusal to purchase new TPMS sensors or pay for the labor to transfer the original sensors to the aftermarket wheels.

TPMS Quick Tip: NHTSA Scenarios Part 1

If a motorist is made aware of an inoperative TPMS sensor and declines to purchase a new one, does the service provider knowingly make the system inoperative and violate 49 USC 30122(b) by removing the dead sensor and replacing it with a snap-in rubber valve stem?

Video Tutorial: MEYLE Cooling System Flush Tool

MEYLE introduced a new video, which explains the individual steps for flushing the cooling system.

Tool Minute Video: TPMS & Snow Tires

Great ready for winter TPMS service now. Andrew Markel explains the steps to take so you’re prepared to service your customers’ vehicles this winter.
Sponsored by Autel.

August TPMS Quick Tip

Always be sure to visually inspect both sides of the wheel at the valve stem hole and thoroughly clean any corrosion from the surface before installing the new sensor.

ALI, Lou Santiago Deliver Safety Tips in New Video Series

Automotive Lift Institute, the trade association dedicated to vehicle lift safety, launched a four-part video series featuring celebrity car builder/TV host Lou Santiago.

Humble Mechanic: Important Tools, Tips for Clutch Replacement

Replacing the clutch set is a pretty straightforward job, yet over the years, I’ve seen a lot of bad practices.

Tech Tip: Kia Rondo Cranks But Doesn’t Start

There was no injection duration and no spark but the RPM was showing in scan tool data. See how one tech diagnosed the problem with a scan tool.

Tech Tip: Spot and Fix Common Transmission Fluid Leaks

Here are three telltale signs of a transmission leak that, when detected early, give you the opportunity to save your customers from a hefty repair bill.

Tech Tip: Four Simple Steps to Fix Cooling System Leaks

As with all under-the-hood leaks, it’s important to take action as soon as a coolant leak is detected before it becomes a major problem.

Chicago Pneumatic Empowers Customers to Make Best Tool Selection

Improving productivity, enhancing operator wellbeing and delivering cost and environmental savings are key considerations for anyone tasked with specifying and selecting power tools.