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TOPDON Transforms Smartphone Into IR Thermal Camera

Pinpoint problems ranging from electrical components not properly working to failing accessory belts and more.

TOPDON has announced its TC001, a TC Series device that transforms a smartphone or computer into an infrared (IR) thermal camera.
TOPDON to Develop New Battery Testing, Charging Tool

The 2-in-1 tool is designed to assist techs in making the reporting of their charging system more effective.

TOPDON Launches Phoenix Remote Scan Tool

The Phoenix Remote features the ability to provide local and remote diagnosis and supports voice and video calls.

TopDon Battery Tester

The BT200 provides critical information about battery health status quickly, efficiently and accurately.

TOPDON Launches New OBD II Scanner

This all-new, all-systems, Bluetooth-enabled diagnostic scan tool features AutoVIN, AutoScan for 15 vital maintenance systems and can automatically identify the make, model and year for over 15,0000 vehicles.

TOPDON Is Giving Away 300 Bluetooth OBD II Scanners

Participants who take part in the Play Quizzes, Win Prizes! Campaign could win a SmartDiag Mini diagnostic tool.

Perform OE-Level Analysis of 28 Systems with TOPDON’s New Diagnostic Tool

This Bluetooth-enabled device can automatically identify a vehicle’s make, model and year to quickly match the right software to the vehicle.

Safe, Efficient, Stable Power Supply from TOPDON USA

The power station’s built-in high-capacity lithium battery is 100% original and does not have a memory effect.

Reset, Trigger and Program with TopDon’s TPMS Tool

Program aftermarket sensors and test key fob signal strength and battery status with the TP47.

Topdon USA Debuts Professional OE-Level Key Programming Tool

The T-Ninja 1000 is an affordable way to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for key programming in today’s marketplace.

Topdon USA T-Ninja-1000
Full-Size Advanced Diagnostic Tool from TOPDON USA

The Phoenix Pro offers OE-level diagnostics for 80+ domestic, European and Asian vehicle brands.

ArtiPAD PRO and MOTOR Put OEM Repair Info at your Fingertips

With TOPDON’s ArtiPAD PRO Quick-Fix software, today’s technicians have more options than ever when it comes to repairing vehicles. Quick-Fix powered by MOTOR includes technical specifications for vehicle repairs, and the software brings to life wiring diagrams, chassis diagrams, wheel alignment procedures, and brake repair information and instructions.