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TPMS: Are Retrofits in Your Future?

Installing a retrofit kit can be performed with the tools and equipment you already own and use on a daily basis.

Tire tread
TPMS Tools and Sensors

Transform TPMS with advanced diagnostics and sensor programming. This video is sponsored by Bosch.

Myers Tire Supply Announces New TPMS Programming App

The new app provides rapid programming in one tap.

The app, Myers NFC, is available for iPhone 7 or newer with a minimum of iOS 15 and can be downloaded from the App Store now.
Tools for TPMS Diagnostics

The features of new TPMS scan tools lead the way for us as technicians to make short work of diagnosing a problem.

For Techs, Customers: An Efficient TPMS Solution

Able to activate, read and relearn all known TPMS sensors, the ITS600 provides comprehensive TPMS service capability.

A Common Link Between Tires, Brakes and TPMS (Video)

The AUTEL TBE200 laser-enabled tire tread depth and brake disc wear tool provides quick and accurate wear measurements.

A Focus on TPMS Tools (VIDEO)

This TPMS-focused tool easily shows the issues as well as provides common service resets and vehicle system diagnostics.

Increase Tire Service Opportunities w/ Continental Autodiagnos

Developed for multiple bay shops, this easy-to-use TPMS tool is designed to read 100% of OE vehicle sensors.

Schrader TPMS Tool Features EZ Sensor Programming

The ST-1 TPMS Tool also has a customer/job management feature.

chrader TPMS Solutions’ new
TPMS Diagnostic Strategy, Check

If you find a tire pressure sensor isn’t functioning, the natural assumption is the sensor is the problem, but is it?

TPMS Diagnostic Tips

The most significant leap forward has been the evolution of the dedicated TPMS tool.

Kent Automotive Offers TPMS Service Kits, Tools

The TPMS Tool Set includes color-coded tools that match TPMS kits to help eliminate mistakes.