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Get Safe, Accurate and Fast Results with Tracer UV Leak Detection Kit

The kit treats up to 64 A/C systems. Also included are dye for coolant and oil-based fluid leaks and a flashlight.

Fluoro-Lite 5: New Generation of Automotive Leak Detection

These dyes perform better under difficult conditions and have greater stability, making them the perfect tool for long-term preventative maintenance and leak detection dye.

Tracer Universal Dye Detects A/C Leaks

LeakFinder dyes find the smallest and most problematic leaks that would otherwise be impossible to detect.

Tracer Announces Leak Detection Products Designed for R-1234yf Systems

The product line, made specifically for R-1234yf A/C systems, includes complete leak detection kits, dye injection kits and replacement dyes.

Tracerline Cool Seal A/C Leak Sealer Is Safe for A/C System Components and Recovery Equipment

Seal slow, pesky leaks in compressors, condensers, evaporators, accumulators, o-rings and hoses — quickly and permanently.

Find A/C and Fluid Leaks with Tracer’s Economical Leak Detection Kit

This cordless, economical unit gets into tight areas otherwise inaccessible to larger, more cumbersome lamps.