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Transmission Diagnostics

A full-function scan tool is the most valuable tool you can have, especially when it comes to transmission diagnostics.

A DTC, A Scope and Fundamental Electrical Knowledge

Something out of the ordinary was happening on a customer’s Ford Fusion, and it was time to scope it out.

Scanner Data Helps Diagnose a Kia

A technician utilizes his scan tool to diagnose a hard engagement complaint.

Analyzing DTCs on a Neglected Nissan

No TLC meant multiple DTCs, including CAN communication and transmission codes.

‘It Won’t Come Out of Park!’

A voltmeter and scanner help diagnose the problem on a Land Rover with DTCs P0933 and P0936.

Lucas Oil Transmission Fix Corrects Common Issues

Designed to stop seal leaks and hard shifting in high-mileage transmissions.

Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid Stops Leaks

Bar’s Leaks introduces Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak, a hydraulic manual clutch fluid formulated with a stop leak additive to seal leaks while improving performance and increasing clutch life.

Transmissions and Scan Tools

Even with codes and data stream information, you must be able to think like the transmission to find the correct diagnosis, which typically doesn’t involve replacing the entire transmission.

CTA Transmission Oil Drain Kit Removes Fluid with Air Pressure

CTA’s kit flushes out impurities in the oil that could cause extra wear and tear on the transmission.

CVT Transmission with Performance Additive Fixes Leaks

Bar’s Leaks New CVT Transmission Fix eliminates slips, sluggishness and hesitation while quickly sealing leaks in continuously variable transmissions at a fraction of the cost of repairs.

OTC Introduces New Transmission Tools

The new tools help technicians increase efficiencies when working on transmission jobs and are compatible with a wide variety of vehicles.

Tech Tip: Spot and Fix Common Transmission Fluid Leaks

Here are three telltale signs of a transmission leak that, when detected early, give you the opportunity to save your customers from a hefty repair bill.