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WD-40 Debuts American Classic 1951 Chevrolet 3100 Rebuild

The custom vehicle will be auctioned off with the proceeds benefitting SEMA Cares charities.

WD-40 Specialist Gel Lube Keeps Wheel Bearings Working Smoothly

This thick gel lubricant provides long-lasting lubrication and won’t run or drip.

This thick gel lubricant provides long-lasting lubrication and won't run or drip.
WD-40 Redesigns Specialist Line

The redesign makes it easier to identify the correct product in the line of more than 20 WD-40 Specialist products.

Specialist line redesign
WD-40 Specialist Product Line Now Includes Non-Aerosol Degreasers That Are Powerful, Safe and Easy to Use

The low-odor, water-based formula is safe to use on multiple surfaces, including sensitive metals like copper, aluminum and chrome.

Provide Rust and Corrosion Protection with WD-40 Specialist New Greases Line

These interchangeable products won’t cause cross-contamination issues that compromise performance and effectiveness. The greases also protect against rust and corrosion.