Tech Tip: A/T, M/T Crossmember Service Precautions
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Tech Tip: A/T, M/T Crossmember Service Precautions


When performing service work or installing an accessory short-throw shifter on any Subaru vehicle, it’s extremely important that the transmission is supported properly when removing or reinstalling the cross member. If not, damage to the bolts and/or threads will occur.

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Service Tips:
1. Support the transmission using a transmission jack, regardless if the vehicle is supported by a lift or car ramps.

2. It is recommended that hand tools be used for the removal and installation of the bolts. Inspect for bolt thread damage and replace as necessary.

3. Be sure to clean any protective wax from the mating surfaces and be sure to start all bolts several threads by hand before using tightening tools.

Note: If severe damage is evident to the threads, the use of a Heli-coil type kit is an approved repair method.

4. During reinstallation, follow the torque sequence specified in Fig. 2.

5. Bolts must be torqued to the proper specifications. See Fig. 3.

Courtesy of Mitchell 1.

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