Tech Tip: Kia Rio Engine Races When Clutch Pressed

Tech Tip: Kia Rio Engine Races When Clutch Pressed

The engine races when the clutch is disengaged on a 2012 Kia Rio with no DTCs.

The Vehicle: 2012 Kia Rio, L4-1.6L, Manual Transmission/Transaxle

Mileage: 165,998

Problem: The owner noticed the car normally drove until the clutch pedal was pressed. The engine would then race up to 2500 RPM.

Diagnostic Details: The technician checked for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and inspected the throttle body for sticking. There were no DTCs, and the throttle was clean and did not appear to be sticking. At that point, he called an ALLDATA Tech-Assist consultant.

The consultant advised the technician to take the car on a test drive and monitor the clutch switch signal with a capable scan tool to see if it indicated that the clutch was being disengaged.

It should show disengagement almost immediately when pressing the pedal.

On the test drive, the technician found that the powertrain control module (PCM) was not seeing the clutch disengagement signal until the pedal was about halfway through its travel.

Confirmed Repair: The technician was able to access and adjust the clutch pedal switch so the PCM would see the clutch disengagement as soon as the pedal started to move. After the adjustment, the technician took the Rio on a road test. No further issues. Easy fix!

Reprinted with permission from ALLDATA

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