TOPDON TC001 Transforms Smartphone Into IR Thermal Camera
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TOPDON has announced its TC001, a TC Series device that transforms a smartphone or computer into an infrared (IR) thermal camera.


TOPDON Transforms Smartphone Into IR Thermal Camera

Pinpoint problems ranging from electrical components not properly working to failing accessory belts and more.


TOPDON has announced its TC001, a TC Series device that transforms a smartphone or computer into an infrared (IR) thermal camera. While IR technology was once a luxury only special forces or specialized fields could utilize, TOPDON brings a solution to the market that allows consumers to make use of thermal imaging directly from their personal devices. 

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The TC001’s standout feature is the clarity and precision of the camera lens. Offering image rotation, enhancement and an ultra-high IR camera resolution of 256×192, the device provides users with superior image quality to assist in diagnosing a wide variety of issues within a vehicle. With the ability to pinpoint hurdles ranging from electrical components not properly working, accessory belts failing, drivetrain and suspension diagnostics, exhaust system leaks, heating and cooling surface issues and more, the device acts as the ultimate tool for streamlining diagnostics and troubleshooting. Compatible with Android phones, tablets and Windows devices, the small and portable tool can be plugged directly into the device’s USB-C plug in, relieving consumers of the worry of running out of power. The device is currently being developed for iOS devices, set to launch in 2023.   


“TOPDON has solidified itself as a tool and equipment brand for car enthusiasts and professionals. With the launch of the TC001, we are opening the door to other technology markets to expand our reach and diversify our offerings,” said Mike Zhou, founder, TOPDON. “We’re looking to provide the latest advanced and reliable solutions where we see a need within the industry. Providing top-of-the-line products to fit our customers’ lifestyles will always be our driving factor of designing and innovating new products.”

The TC001 provides users with an accurate and dependable experience as the thermal camera can read temperatures from -4° F to 1,022° F with an optimized testing accuracy of 1.8°F. To track temperature, customers can download the app to their mobile device to view temperature recording data or create real-time temperature graphs. Featuring a compact design and size, weighing 30g with a 1-meter drop test rating, the TC001 is extremely convenient for travel and user usage. 


The capabilities of the TC001 go far beyond the automotive field. While automotive technicians can use the device to pinpoint electrical brake issues by scanning each rotor, farmers and individuals in the agriculture sector can use the device to scan their crops for irrigation issues as well as scan their livestock to determine if there are any health issues present. Home inspectors can use the TC001 to check for heat loss in a home, gas leaks, water leaks and electrical problems while hunters can put the device to use to scan their property at night to track any animal movement. Lastly, first responder search and rescue teams will be able to find heat signatures in the dark to identify missing individuals. 

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