Turbonetics Hummer H3 Bolt-On Turbo System Released

Turbonetics Hummer H3 Bolt-On Turbo System Released

Turbonetics recently announced that the Hummer H3 turbo system is ready for sale and shipping now. Wake up the H3 in just 6-8 hours of installation time with a bolt-on turbo system. How does 350 HP from the inline 5-cylinder sound?

Turbonetics recently announced that the Hummer H3 turbo system is ready for sale and shipping now. Wake up the H3 in just 6-8 hours of installation time with a bolt-on turbo system. How does 350 HP from the inline 5-cylinder sound? Utilizing a unique ECU re-flash engine management to control this SUV’s computer, Turbonetics has created a beautiful system that really gets this vehicle in the power range it needs. Offering fantastic throttle response and acceleration to go along with the high top end power, this kit delivers all that you dreamed the H3 would be from the factory. One of the other fantastic features of this system is the incorporation of the factory catalytic converters to keep installation times quick, thus reducing costs as well as providing clean emissions. The system is currently pending CARB approval.

H3 Turbo System has the following features.

ECU Re-Tune:
• ECU uploaded with custom tune;
• No additional piggyback system required;
• No additional wires to cut, splice or connect;
• Retains all factory accessories and sensors; and
• No additional tuning required.

System Components:
• Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbocharger – Fast spool-up and extremely durable;
• Spearco Front Mount Intercooler – Featuring W.A.V.E. Technology Core;
• Evolution Wastegate – Perfect boost control;
• Raptor By-Pass Valve – Great sound while protecting turbocharger;
• Black-Chrome Aluminum Piping – Beautiful looks to match performance; and
• High Carbon Cast Manifold – No cracking.

Stock HP: 225 HP
Turbocharged HP: 350 HP @ 8 psi of boost

2005-07 Hummer H3
System P/N: 15160
MSRP – $6212.44

For nearly three decades, Turbonetics has been a leading source for turbochargers, heat exchangers, controls and related forced induction performance items. Today, Turbonetics manufactures turbo and intercooler products for gasoline as well as diesel passenger and industrial applications. It is Turbonetics mission to produce the highest quality performance forced induction systems, components and accessories, resulting in unsurpassed customer satisfaction and leading edge technology, based on a proven history of engineering and racing experience.

All Turbonetics products are backed by a one year, no-fault/no-hassle warranty.

For more information and the name of the nearest distributor, you can contact Turbonetics at (805) 581-0333 or visit the Turbonetics website, www.TurboneticsInc.com. For express ordering and shipping log on to Turbonetics eTurbochargers.com On-Line Store at www.eTurbochargers.com.

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